International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2012

Name of Research Article(Volume 1 Issue 2 ,November 2012)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Middleware: An Architecture for Distributed Systems Services (Author's:Savita Chavan , Mangal Sonawane, Ashwini Chavan, Madhavi Sarjare)
2.   Study of Different Type of Data Dissemination Strategy in VANET (Author's:Annu Mor) 6-8
3.   Intelligent Optimization of GSM Network (Author's:Richa Chitranshi, Jyoti Kushwaha, Prakash Pancholy) 9-13
4.   Smart 4G network:-Implementation of SDR & SON with Automatic EM Radiation control (Author's:Prakash Pancholy, Jyoti Kushwaha, Richa Chitranshi) 14-18
5.   Concentration and Chain Length Effects on Block Formation during Chain Shuttling Polymerization for Product Quality Enhancement Investigation (Author's:Al-Harthi, Mamdouh, Khokhar, Zahid H., Abdurraheem, Abdulazeez, Soares, Joao P.) 19-24
6.   A System for MANET to Detect Selfish Nodes Using NS2 (Author's:Sagar D. Padiya, Rakesh Pandit, Sachin Patel) 25-30
7.   A Review of Literature on Design and Detection of Network Covert Channel (Author's:Nishant D. Rohankar, A. V. Deorankar, Dr. P. N. Chatur) 31-38
8.   Cloud Computing and Security Models: A Survey (Author's:Ritesh G. Anantwar, Dr. P.N. Chatur, Swati G. Anantwar) 39-44
9.   Short Term Load Forecasting Using Time Series Analysis: A Case Study for Karnataka, India (Author's:Nataraja.C, M.B.Gorawar, Shilpa.G.N., Shri Harsha.J.) 45-53
10.   A Review of Intrusion Detection System Using Neural Network and Machine Learning Technique (Author's:Deepika P Vinchurkar, Alpa Reshamwala) 54-63
11.   Tamper Detection with Reduced Time Complexity Using Hybrid Techniques (Author's:J.Rajalakshmi, K.SureshKumar, A.Vetrikanimozhi) 64-68
12.   Diffie-Hellman and Its Application in Security Protocols (Author's:Maryam Ahmed, Baharan Sanjabi, Difo Aldiaz, Amirhossein Rezaei, Habeeb Omotunde) 69-73
13.   An Efficient Architecture for Multi-Level Lifting 2-D DWT (Author's:P.Rajesh, S.Srikanth, V.Muralidharan) 74-79
14.   Minimization of Nonlinear Functions byCertain Numerical Algorithms (Author's:K. Karthikeyan) 80-85
15.   Neural Network Modelling in HIV/AIDS –Five Years Survival Cohort Data (Author's:Basavarajaiah D.M., B.Leelavathy, Prabhakar B., P.Chandrashekar) 86-94
16.   Design and Simulation of an E-Mail Proxy Firewall (Author's:Oluwaseyitanfunmi Osunade) 95-102
17.   A Java-based Data Encryption Application for Network Communication (Author's:Oluwaseyitanfunmi Osunade) 103-111
18.   Analysis of Very Fast Transient over Voltages in 750kV Gas Insulated Substation (Author's:A.Raghu Ram, Dr.S.Kamakshaiah) 112-120
19.   Modelling of FSW Tools and Simulation of Viscosity & Flow Stress during Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloy AA6061 (Author's:Jaimin B. Patel, B.K. Gotawala, K.D.Bhatt) 121-124
20.   Case Study on Comparison of Usage and Acceptance of Management Information System (MIS) in Medium Scale and Large Scale Organizations (Author's:C.G. Ramachandra, T.R. Srinivas, T.S. Shruthi) 125-134
21.   Optimization of Process Factors in Super capacitor Fabrication Using the Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Taguchi Signal-to-Noise Ratios (Author's:Chia Yen Yee, Ridhuan Ahmad Samsuri, Dino Isa, Ahmida Ajina, Khiew Pooi Sim) 135-149
22.   Solution to Challenges Faced by Indian industries: Designing with Multi-Enterprise Partnership (Author's:K.S.Seetharama) 150-153
23.   An Efficient Implementation of High Performance Floating Point Adder / Subtractor (Author's:Addanki Purna Ramesh, Siva jampani) 154-160
24.   The Relation of Ultrafine Particle Emission Production to Temperature from Wood Burning (Author's:Arinto Y.P. Wardoyo) 161-169
25.   Effective Geometric Calibration and Facial Feature Extraction Using Multi Sensors (Author's:MOHD NORZALI Haji Mohd, Masayuki KASHIMA, Kiminori SATO, Mutsumi WATANABE) 170-178
26.   Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey (Author's:Tanaji A. Dhaigude, Avinash J. Kokare, Vidya Dhamdhere) 179-183
27.   Investigations of Lighter Fluid Jet Injection Velocity on Dip Depth Formed at Surface of Heavier Butt Fluid (Author's:Zahid H Khokhar, Mamdouh A Al-Harthi, Amjad A Shaikh, A. Abdurraheem, Bekir S Yilbas) 184-189
28.   A Review on- Flywheel Motor (Author's:A.K.Pitale, P.A.Hatwalne) 190-193
29.   Investigation of Temperature inside the Cylinder in 2-Stroke SI Engine Using CFD (Author's:R. G. Telrandhe, D. R. Ikhar, A. N. Ingale) 194-198
30.   An Investigation on Road Safety within the Port of Durban (Author's:Oscar Kunene, Dhiren Allopi) 199-206
31.   Information Mining in Assessment Data of Students’ Performance (Author's:Anwar M. A., Naseer Ahmed) 207-212
32.   Spatial and Transformation Domain Techniques for Image Enhancement (Author's:Snehal O.Mundhada, V. K.Shandilya) 213-216
33.   Design Optimization of Un-Depressed Collector through Magnetic Field and Thermal Studies (Author's:Uttam Kr Goswami, Udaybir Singh, Anil Kumar, R Bhattacharya, H Khatun,RL Dua, AK sinha) 217-223
34.   A Technique for Planning Microwave and Cellular Path Profile in the Tropics and Determination of Antenna Tower Heights(A Study of Onitsha/Nnewi Axis of Anambra State, Nigeria) (Author's:Okorogu V.N., Onoh G.N., Onwujei A.I., Oluka E.C) 224-231
35.   Conjuring Misdiscrepancies of k-ε and Reynolds Stress Turbulence model in Cross Jet Vicinity Collaborating Side Injection Experiments and CFD Simulations (Author's:Zahid H Khokhar*+; Mumdouh Al-Harthi1; Habib Al-Ali1; Abdurraheem Abulazeez2; Habib Zughbi3, BS Yilbas4) 232-239
36.   A Study on Compressive Sensing and Its Algorithmic Approach (Author's:Pradeepa. N, Kiruthika. M, Nandini. M.D.S) 240-245
37.   Performance Analysis of Constant ModulusAlgorithm (CMA) Blind Adaptive Algorithmfor Smart Antennas in a W-CDMA Network (Author's:Nwalozie G.C, Okorogu V.N, Umeh K.C,  Oraetue C.D) 246-254
38.   An Overview of Security Challenges in Cloud Computing (Author's:Bhuvaneshwaran.S, Balamurugan.K, Dr.Vijayaraj.M) 255-259
39.   Alternate Methodology for De-Plugging of Sulphur in the Run down Lines of SRU Plant (Author's:Jose Antony, Josephkunju Paul, Reji Mathew) 260-265
40.   An Attempt of Determining the Force Characteristics of Fields in Magnetic Stereotactic System (Author's:Elamir Abu Abaida Ali .Osman, Oleg Grigorovitsh. Avrunin, Mustafa O. Ali, P.Chandra Sekhar) 266-270
41.   Recognition of Geometrical Shapes in Visual Basic and Control of PMDC Motors for X-Y Plotter Application (Author's:Nandkishor P. Joshi, Ajay P. Thakare) 271-277
42.   Design of Classifier Using Artificial Neural Network for Patients Survival Analysis (Author's:J. D. Dhande, Dr. S.M. Gulhane) 278-282
43.   Statistical Inference on AUC from A Bi-Lognormal ROC Model for Continuous Data (Author's:R Amala, Sudesh Pundir) 283-295
44.   A Novel Concept of Partial Lorenz Curve and Partial Gini Index (Author's:Sudesh Pundir and Rajeswari Seshadri) 296-301
45.   A Real Time Video Object Tracking Using SVM (Author's:Asha G.S, K.Arun Kumar, D. David Neels Pon Kumar) 302-312
46.   An Overview of Mobile Sink and Static Access Node Replication Attacks in WSN (Author's:D. David Neels Pon Kumar, K.Arun Kumar, M.S.Arthy) 313-320