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Volume 2 Issue 1,January 2013

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 1 ,January 2013)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Heat and Mass Transfer Mixing Enhancements in Pipe-Line; Numerical CFD and Experimental Chores: A Review (Author's:Zahid HI Khokhar, MA S Al-Harthi, BF Abusharkh, HH Al-Ali, RN Sharma, HD Zughbi, AA Shaikh, HH Redhwi, A Abdurraheem, SU Rehman, SM J Zaidi, ZU Khan, IA Hussain, BS Yilbas)
2.   Development of Microkernel for Multitasking with ARM11 (Author's:C. Naga Srikanth, M. Veda Chary, M. Sudhakar) 12-17
3.   Implementation of Complex Division Custom Instruction Hardware on Nios-II Processor (This Paper are suspended ) 18-21
4.   Understanding Network Latency in Thin Client Environment (Author's:Sumita U.Sharma, Y.B.Gandole) 22-25
5.   Evaluation of Modulus of Elasticity for Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete (Author's:Chetna M Vyas, Dr. Darshana R Bhatt) 26-29
6.   Using Portable Technology in the Calculus Problem Resolution (Author's:Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma) 30-36
7.   Novel Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor using Finite Element Method (Author's:D. Vimalakeerthy,Dr.N. Kanagaraj, Dr.M.Y.Sanavullah) 37-45
8.   Noise Estimation Using Filtering and SVD for Image Tampering Detection (Author's:U. M. Gokhale, Y.V.Joshi) 46-53
9.   Integrability over Fuzzy Number Space (Author's:K.P .Deepa, Dr.S.Chenthur Pandian) 54-61
10.   Parallel Enhancement in M-learning and Mobile Computing (Author's:Bhavna Khatri, Manmohan Singh, Dr. Pradeep Chouskey) 62-66
11.   Performance Analysis of Sequential Circuits using reversible logic (Author's:Sujata S. Chiwande , Shilpa S. Katre, Sushmita S. Dalvi; Jyoti C Kolte) 67-75
12.   Improvement of Case-Based Reasoning Using Segmentation of Comparison Sections (Author's:Sajed Zadeh Dadashi, Sahar Zadeh Dadashi, Ahmad Rostami) 76-80
13.   Investigation of Low Cost Concrete Using Industrial Waste as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (Author's:Jayraj VinodsinhSolanki, Jayeshkumar Pitroda) 81-88
14.   Evaluation of Modal Damping in FRP Based Laminated Composites through Modal Testing (Author's:Satish.N, Dr.P.V.Vijaya Kumar, Dr H.K.Shivanand) 89-94
15.   Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) based on Data Mining (Author's:S.A.Joshi, Varsha S.Pimprale) 95-98
16.   On a Two Pole Motor for Electric Propulsion System (Author's:M. Leijon, B. Ekergård, S. Apelfrojd, Santiago, H. Bernhoff, R. Waters and S. Eriksson Swedish) 99-111
17.   Selection of Wavelets for Evaluating SNR, PRDand CR of ECG Signal (Author's:Ruqaiya Khanam, Syed Naseem Ahmad) 112-119
18.   Improving Efficiency and Security Based Data Sharing in Large Scale Network (Author's:B. SakthiSaravanan.,R.Dheenadayalu, A.Vijayaraj.) 120-128
19.   Attack Surfaces as a Metric for Version Change (Author's:Sukanth Sistla) 129-132
20.   Evaluation of Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Thermal Industry Waste (Fly Ash) and Paper Industry Waste (Hypo Sludge) (Author's:Jayeshkumar R. Pitroda, Dr F S Umrigar) 133-138
 21.   Multifractal Analysis of Annual Run-Off: Using WTMM Method (Author's:Valsamma K.M)
22.    GHOST - Geo Cache Hybrid On-Demand Scheme For Tracking VANET (Author's: K.Sudharson, N.Partheeban, A.M.Sermakani)  146-151
23.    Survey over Adaptive Compression Techniques (Author's: Vijay S Gulhane, Dr. Mir Sadique Ali)  152-156
24.    Comparative Study of Various NetworkProcessors Processing Elements Topologies (Author's: Shuchi Bhagwani)  157-161
25.    A Study of Cryptanalysis with Security Enhancement for a Modified Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol (Author's:Abhishek Shukla , Mohd.Vakil, Sakil Ahmad Ansari)
26.    Efficiency of Ratio Estimators in StratifiedRandom Sampling Using Information onAuxiliary Attribute (Author's: Ran Vijay Kumar Singh, Ahmed Audu)  166-172
27.    Flexural Strength of Beams by Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash and Hypo Sludge in Concrete (Author's:JayrajVinodsinhSolanki, Jayeshkumar Pitroda)
28.    Intelligent PI Controller for Speed Control of SEDM using MATLAB (Author's:Amit Kumar Singh, Dr. A.K. Pandey)
29.    A Survey on Image Upscaling (Author's: Supriya S. Thombre, Dr.L.G.Malik)  190-199
30.   Application of Galois Field in VLSI Using Multi-Valued Logic (Author's: Ankita.N.Sakhare, M.L.Keote)  200-209
31.   A Novel Approach Based Information Integrity Modeling (Author's: QamarRayees Khan, Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman, Mohammad Asger)  210-215
32.   Stability Analysis of Mathematical Syn-Ecological Model Comprising of Prey-Predator, Host-Commensal, Mutualism andNeutral Pairs-IV (One of the Four Species areWashed out States) (Author's:B. Ravindra Reddy, R. Srilatha)
33.   Electric Arc Furnace Flicker Mitigation in a Steel Plant Using a Statcom (Author's:P.M.Sarma, Dr.S.V.Jayaram Kumar)
34.   Algorithm and Architecture for Control of Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:G.Kalpana, T.Bhuvaneswari, S.Ravi)
35.   Influence of Fuel Pressure Increment in Diesel Common Rail Engine Using External Tuning Box (Author's: Kitibodee Sethanunt, Dr.Saiprasit Koetniyom) 246- 253
36.   Speed Estimation Of 3-Phase BLDC Motor Using Genetic Algorithm (Author's: Pawin Jawayon, Jiraphon Srisertpol)  254-263
37.   An Improved Fast Thinning Algorithm for Fingerprint Image (Author's:Gayathri S, Dr. V Sridhar)
38.   Digital Elevation Model is a Tool for Terrain Analysis: Implication and Interpretation with Reference to Kuya River Basin (Author's:Priyanka Das,Surajit Let)
39.   Improvement of Ergonomic Factors That Affects Employees in a Textile Industry (Author's:Arun Narayanan, Cijo Mathew, VinodYeldo Baby)
40.   Application of Gravitational Search Algorithm for Real Power Loss and Voltage Deviation Optimization (Author's:R. Suresh,C. Kumar,S. Sakthivel,S. Jaisiva)
41.   An Efficient VLSI Architecture for 3D DWT Using Lifting Scheme (Author's: KARTHIKEYAN A, SARANYA P, JAYASHREE N)  292-298
42.   Non-Edible Oil as a Source of Bio-Lubricant for Industrial Applications: A Review (Author's:Prerna Singh Chauhan, Dr. V K Chhibber)
43.   An Overview on Fate of Mercury and Its Recovery from Spent CFL Bulbs (Author's:L.kesavarao, V.Sridevi, M.V.V.Chandana lakshmi, Musalaiah.modi)
44.   Information Integration: An Enterprise Solution (Author's:Majid Zaman,Muheet Ahmed Butt)
45.   Adaptive Median Filter for Image Enhancement (Author's: Vicky Ambule, Minal Ghute, Kanchan Kamble, Shilpa Katre)  318-323
46.   Oxidative Stress Induced Histological Changes in Thyroid of Hyperthyroidism Patients (Author's:WidadJumaa Hamid)
47.   Enhancement of Digital X-Ray Image by Combining the Genetic Optimization and Watershed Transformation Technique (Author's: Prasanna A. Lohe, D.D.Patil)  331-335
48.   Design and Development of Thai Railway Brake Disc under Temperature Analysis (Author's: Akara Sawardsuk, Saiprasit Koetniyom)  336-344
49.   Fatal Injury Mechanism Analysis of Occupants Especially Death of Left-Front Passenger for Offset-frontal Collision in Thailand (Author's: Krittapat Makarabhirom, Saiprasit Koetniyom)  345-353
50.   Recovery of Lead Metal from Lead Acid Battery by Hydrometallurgical Method (Author's: E.Yoheeswaran, Dr.S.Govindaradjane, Dr.T.Sundararajan)  354-356
51.   Experimental Investigation on Spinning of Aluminum Alloy 19500 Cup (Author's:G.Venkateshwarlu, K. Ramesh kumar, T.A.Janardhan Reddy, G.Gopi)
52.   Spark Gap Optimization of WEDM Process on Ti6Al4V (Author's:Kuriachen Basil, Dr. Josephkunju Paul, Dr. Jeoju M.Issac)
53.   Model Based Design for Effective Design and Development (Author's: Dr. V.R. Naik)  370-374
54.   Capacity of Open Rectangular Shear Walls (Author's: Essam M. Awdy, Hilal A. M. Hassan)  375-383
55.   FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Combined Torsion and Flexure (Author's: Esam El-Awady, Mohamed Husain, Sayed Mandour)  384-393
56.   Comparison Discriminate Characteristics 1 Rhino Metric Methods of Diagnosis (Author's: Husham Farouk Ismail Saied1, Oleg Grigorovitsh Avrunin)  394-399
57.   Kinds of Pre A*-lattices (Author's: Dr.Y. PRAROOPA)  400-406
58.   Design of a High Throughput Crypto Devices Based On AES (Author's:Lokesh Kumar.S, Arun Kumar.R, Vinoth Kumar.P, Santhosh Kumar.A, Sriram.A)   407-415
59.   Rheological Characterization ofSelf-Compacting Concrete: V-Funnel andHorizontal Plexiglas Channel (Author's: M.BENAICHA, O.JALBAUD, A.ALAOUI HAFIDI, Y.BURTSCHELL)  416-425
60.   Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Yttrium Vanadate based Phosphors (Author's:V. B. BHATKAR)
61.   An Overview: Improved Harmony Search Algorithm and Its Applications in Mechanical Engineering (Author's:Sachin A. Patil, D. A. Patel)   433-444
62.   Significance of Finger Print in On-line Voting: An Approach (Author's: Sri Sachidananda S Joshi, Bhavana Desai)  445-450
63.   Development of Monitoring Unit for Data Acquisition from Avionic Bus (Author's: Anjana,  Dr. N. Satyanarayan, M.Vedachary)  451-459
64.   A Case Study on Changing Business Environment at Cochin Port Trust (Author's: Muhammed Salih.K, Dr. Binu C Yeldhose)  460-470
65.   A Survey on Routing Protocols in ZigBee Network (Author's: Prativa P.Saraswala)  471-476
66.   Laboratory Study on Soil Stabilization Using Fly ash Mixtures (Author's: Gyanen. Takhelmayum, Savitha.A.L, Krishna Gudi)  477-482
67.   Microcontroller Based DDS Function Generator (Author's: Hitesh Mandaliya, Parthesh Mankodi, Bhumika Makwana)  483-486
68.   Design and Implementation of Automotive Security System using ARM Processor (Author's: Vishal P. Patil, Dr. K.B. Khanchandani)  487-493
69.   A New Methodology for Solving Different Economic Dispatch Problems (Author's: Divya Mathur)  494-498
70.   Authentication, Key Establishment & Cooperative Cache maintenance in Wireless P2P Environments Using GDC & Greedy Algorithm (Author's: N.Sandeep Chaitanya,P Sruthi,A Nandini, T.V Suresh Kumar,SP. Santhosh)  499-508
71.   Modeling the Transport-Diffusion of a Passive Pollutant in the Bay Of Martil (Morocco) (Author's: EL OUAHDANI Driss, ECHARRI Raouf , STITOU Mostafa)  509-517
72.   Comparative Analysis of Different Neural Networks for Tyre Model Parameters Identification of Longitudinal Brake Formula (Author's: C. Senabre, E. Velasco, S. Valero)  518-527
73.   Simple Hash Functions for Biometric Template Authentication (Author's:M.Mani Roja, Dr. Sudhir Sawarkar)   528-534
74.   Intelligent Agents: Personalization and Filters (Author's:Anita Gutta, Dr. Priti Srinivas Sajja) 535-539
75.   The Role of Rural Women in Watershed Development Project (Author's:J.Nittin Johnson, S.Govindaradjane, T.Sundararajan) 540-544
76.   Prevention of Unauthorized Access of Social Accounts- An Approach (Author's:Sri Sachidananda S Joshi, Bhavana Desai, Dr. J. L. Kalyan) (Withdrawn by Author's) 545-550