International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 2,Issue 3,May 2013

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 3 ,May 2013)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) PageNo.
Development and Performance Evaluation of Soya Beans Milk Extracting Machine (Author's:B.O. AKINNULI, O.M. OLABANJI)
2.   Modeling and Analysis of Multi Level Voltage Source Inverter Based Statcom for Improving Power Quality (Author's:P.UPENDRA KUMAR,J.ANAND KUMAR, K.MANOHAR, T.M.MANOHAR , CH.S.K.CHAITANYA) 7-11
3.   A Statcom-Control Scheme for Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Energy System (Author's:B.T.RAMAKRISHNARAO, B.ESWARARAO, L.NARENDRA, K.PRAVALLIKA) 12-16
4.   VSC - HVDC Transmission System Analysis Using Neural Networks (Author's:J Nandana, Pannala Krishna Murthy, Satya Durga) 17-24
5.   An Overview of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM system (Author's:Aman Dhillon, Sonia Singla) 25-30
6.   Development of Mamdani FIS for Flow Rate Control in a Rawmill of Cement Industry (Author's:Vandna Kansal, Amrit Kaur) 31-35
7.   Bit Error Rate reduction in MIMO systems using Equalization techniques (Author's:Ramanpreet Kaur, Sonia Goyal) 36-40
8.   Numerical Solution of Fourth Order BoundaryValue Problems by Galerkin Method with CubicB-splines (Author's:K.N.S. Kasi Viswanadham, Sreenivasulu Ballem) 41-53
9.   Polarization Diversity Printed Dipole Antenna Using PIN Diode Switching For Wireless LAN Applications (Author's:V.A.Kulkarni, V.S.Navale) 54-59
10.   Establish a Methodology for Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials (Author's:Pradeep Yadav, Sonal Dhar, Dr. K.N.Vijaykumar) 60-67
11.   Hamiltonian Laceability in Some Classes of theStar Graphs (Author's: Girisha. A, R. Murali) 68- 71
12.    IFOC of a Nine Phase Induction Motor Drive (Author's:M.Sowmiya, G.Renukadevi, K. Rajambal) 72- 78
13.    Characterization and Potential of Dimethyl Ether (DME) as Dual Fuel Combustion in a Compression Ignition Engine (Author's: Somkid Khunaphan, Unalome Wetwatana Hartley, Kampanart Theinnoi) 79- 85
14.    Comparative Analysis of Adsorption Efficiency Using Low Cost Adsorbents for COD Removal of Dye Intermediate (DASDA) Industrial Waste Water (Author's:Krunal S. Ramanandi, Dr. S A Puranik)  86-95
15.    Study of Importance of IDS for Grid Environment (Author's:Dashrath Mane)   96-99
16.    Power Quality Enhancement Using Hybrid Active Filter (Author's:D.Jasmine Susila, R.Rajathy)   100-109
17.    Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction (Author's: Radhika Bhatt , Nikita Fernandes, Archana Dhage)  110-115
18.    Studies on Drag Reduction in Conical Tanks Using Polymer Additions in Gravity Driven Flow Systems (Author's: P. Venkata Rao, Ch. Ravikishore, Shaik fareen, Pulipati King, D.A.Naidu)  116-128
19.    Design, Fabrication and Analysis of TorqueTransducer (Author's: Raahil Dcruz, Kartik Patel, Viraj Labde, Sajil Kallur, N. H. Ambhore) 129- 134
20.    Analysis of Contrast Enhancement MethodUsing Modified Dynamic HistogramEqualization (Author's: Tarun Dewangan, M.A.Siddiqui) 135- 141
21.    Transistor Level Fault Finding in VLSI Circuits using Genetic Algorithm (Author's: Lalit A. Patel, Sarman K. Hadia) 142- 147
22.    Computational Study of Flow around a Simplified 2D Ahmed Body (Author's:Deepak Kumar Kalyan, A.R. Paul)  148- 153
23.    Study of Drivers’ Response Time in Traffic Streams (Author's:Emmanuel Adewumi, Dhiren Allopi)  154-158
24.    A Novel Approach of Low Complexity DWT/PCA Based Video Compression Method (Author's: Seema Kalangi, Veeraiah Maddu, Sreenivasa Ravi Kavuluri) 159- 168
25.   Prevalence of Giardia Lamblia in Humans Visited Central Laboratory of Sebha Province (Author's: Abdulkadir A. A. Bernawi, Seef-Elaslam M. Omar, Saleh E. O. Kti) 169-171 
26.   Development of Optimized Resource Provisioning On-Demand Security Architecture for Secured Storage Services in Cloud Computing (Author's: G.MENAGA, Dr.S.SUBASREE) 172- 180
27.   Dynamic Auditing and Accounting Mechanism for Policy Based Data Access in Cloud (Author's:P.Krubhala,K.SaravanaKumar) 181-189 
28.   Third Party Logistical Obstacles in Manufacturing Industries (Author's:Vishal.V.Bhoyar, Nitin P.Bhone, Satiish B.Chawale, Nishant G.Jogi) 190- 194
29.   Improving Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Pedestrian Detection (Author's: Ritesh Singh, T.D. Biradar, Dr. Manali Godse)  195-199
30.   Control4 Smart Home System using LabVIEW (Author's:Akshatha N Gowda, Girijamba D L, Rishika G N, Shruthi S D,Niveditha S)
31.   Task Allocation and Memory Partitioning for MPSoC in Embedded System (Author's: Anuradha B, Hemalatha M , Vivekanandan C)  206-212
32.   Java Program Vulnerabilities (Author's: Sheetal Thakare, Dr.B.B.Meshram)  213-220
33.   Enhancing Data Security by using Hybrid Cryptographic Algorithm (Author's: Jigar Chauhan , Neekhil Dedhia , Bhagyashri Kulkarni)  221-228
34.   WSN Based Closed Loop Automatic Irrigation System (Author's:Deepti Bansal, S.R.N Reddy)  229-237
35.   RF Remote Control of Power Line Devices Using Embedded System (Author's:Prashant Chakole ,Dr. Pradip B. Dahikar)   238-241
36.   Hybrid Mom/Fem Modeling Of Loaded Enclosure with Aperture in EMI Problems (Author's:Sibel YENİKAYA)
242- 246
37.   Effect of Visual Merchandising on Buying Behavior of Customers in Chandigarh (Author's:Amandeep Kaur)
38.   Computational Experiments on Assembly Line Balancing Problems Using Largest Candidate Rule (Author's:T. B.Kathoke, P.S.Ghawade, R.K.Waghchore , R.V.Paropate) 252- 257
39.   Performance Comparison of AODV and DSR Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad- hoc Networks: A Survey (Author's:Dependra Dhakal, Kiran Gautam)
258- 265
40.   Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of Metal Expansion Bellows (Author's:Brijeshkumar. M. Patel,V.A. Patel)  266- 273
41.   Throughput Improved -Adaptive CSMA MAC Protocol Design with Power Optimistic for MANET (Author's:Shaji.K.A.Theodore, Sumi Dolly Fidelis)
274- 280
42.   Estimating Costs of Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City (Author's: Tanzila Khan, Md. Rashedul Islam MCIPS)  281-289
43.   QRS Complex Detection using Wavelet Transform (Author's: Rakeshkumar R. Yadav) 290- 293
44.   HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution for Flexible and Scalable Access Control by Separate Encryption/Decryption in Cloud Computing (Author's: S. Gokuldev, S.Leelavathi) 294- 301
45.   Applications of Six Sigma in Electronics Industry – A case study (Author's: Salil Dey, Dr. Sandhir Sharma, Dr. Sunil Dutt) 302- 315
46.   Influence of Ionic Fluid in Parallel flow in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Author's: N.D.Shirgire, S.S.Bhansali, Dr. U.V.Kongre, P.S.Ghawade, P.R.Bodade) 316- 322
47.   Computational Fluid Dynamics on Simulation of 2D Left Normal and Narrowing Coronary Artery on Bases of Hemodynamic Factors (Author's: Rachna David, A.Paul)  323-329
48.   A Review: Curvature Approximation on Triangular Meshes (Author's:Sachin Nigam, Vandana Agrawal)
330- 339
49.   Compact Size Low-Pass Filter Using Array of DGS with High-Low Microstrip Line (Author's: Md Ejaz Lodhi, Mohit Makhija)  340-345
50.   Dynamic Analysis of Quick Return Mechanism Using MATLAB (Author's:Shrikant R. Patel, D.S.Patel)  346- 350
51.   Securing Web Application from SQL Injection & Session Tracking (Author's:Pranjali Gondane, Dinesh. S. Gawande, R. D. Wagh, S.B. Lanjewar, S. Ugale)
351- 358
52.   Enhancement of Voltage Stability of Transmission System Using Series Capacitor and Static VAR Compensator through Matlab Programming (Author's:Neeraj singh, Surya prakash, Abhishek Chaturvedi, Satyam Upadhyay)
359- 366
53.   Measurement of Competition Level Anxiety of College Level Athletes by Using SCAT (Author's:Dr. Subhabrata Kar)
367- 375
54.   Study and Evaluation for Quality Improvement of Object Oriented System at Various Layers of Object Oriented Matrices (Author's:N. A. Nemade, D. D. Patil, N. V. Ingale)
55.   Variable frequency HV Testing of Capacitor an Embedded approach (Author's:S. D. GOKHALE,Dr. S. A. PATIL)
56.   Two Dimensional Finite Element Modeling Of Single Pulse Laser Drilling (Author's:Alok Soni, R.K. Patel)
389- 396
57.   Compressibility Studies on the Effect of Increase in Iron Content on Copper-Iron Powder Blends (Author's:Padmashree Anand, R S Kulkarni)
58.   Space Diversity for Wireless Communication System– A Review (Author's:Niru Desai, G. D. Makawana)
405- 410
59.   Optimum Organizational Structure for Construction Projects (Management Tool of Selecting Organization in Egyptian Construction Market) (Author's:EHAB ELKASSAS, HOSSAM HOSNY, WALEED MATTR)
60.   Vibration control of cantilever beam using Eddy Current Damper (Author's:Ankur Saxena, Rabindra Kumar Patel)
61.   A Study on Implementation of Total Quality Management in Businesses (Author's:Patange Vidyut Chandra)
440- 446
62.   Vendor Evaluation and Rating Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Author's:Kurian John, Vinod Yeldho Baby, Georgekutty S.Mangalathu)
63.   Design and Implementation of ECG Monitoring and Heart Rate Measurement System (Author's:Naazneen M. G., Sumaya Fathima, Syeda Husna Mohammadi, Sarah Iram L. Indikar, Abdul Saleem, Mohamed Jebran)
456- 465
64.   Shape Optimization of Externally Pressurized Thin-Walled End Dome Closures with Constant Wall Thickness of Cylinder Vessel with Help of Bezier Curve (Author's:Jignesh Dipakkumar Jani, Manoj Kumar Gupta, R. R. Trivedi
65.   Intelligent Virtual Touch Screen Showing Finger Movement (Author's:V.R. Vaidya, P.L. Paikrao, Dr. D.S. Chaudhari)
66.   An Efficient Design of VLSI Architecture Based ML Decoder/Detector in Fault Detection (Author's:T.Sri Lakshmi Priya, K.Karuppanasamy) 480-485
67.   Unipolar PWM Control Technique having Inverted Sine Carrier for an Asymmetric Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter (Author's:V.Arun, B.Shanthi, S.P.Natarajan) 486-493
68.   Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Mitigation of Distribution System using SAPF Compensator (Author's:Irfan Isak Mujawar, D. R. Patil, Isak Ismail Mujawar) 494-502
69.   Study of Data Mining Techniques used for Financial Data Analysis (Author's:Abhijit A. Sawant ,P. M. Chawan) 503-509
70.   Crank-Nicolson Fully Discrete Positive DefiniteExpanded Mixed Method for ParabolicIntegro-Differential Equations (Author's:Meng Zhao, Yang Liu, Hong Li) 510-519
71.   Generation of Electricity Using Road Transport Pressure (Author's:Md.Saiful Islam,Syed Khalid Rahman,Jakeya sultana Jyoti) 520-525
72.   Identification of Time Varying System Using Recursive Estimation Approach and Wavelet Based Recursive Estimation Approach (Author's:Sandesh N. Mate, Ajay B. Patil) 526-532
73.   Numerical Modeling of Slope Stability Analysis (Author's:Ammar Rouaiguia, Mohammed A. Dahim) 533-542
74.   Reduction of Multiplier in FIR Filter Using Common Sub expression Elimination Algorithm (Author's:M. Geethalakshmi, A.Jayamathi) 543-546
75.   Detection of Renal Calculi Using Semi Automatic Segmentation Approach (Author's:Dr.P.R.Tamiselvi) 547-552