International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 2,Issue 4,July 2013

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 4 ,July 2013)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) PageNo.
Computer – Aided Software for Symmetrical Shells Blank Diameter Determination in Manufacturing Industries (Author's:Basil O.Akinnuli, Gabriel A. Oladejo, Ayanniyi W. Ayanrinde) 
2.   Face Recognition Using Bank of Gabor Filters (Author's:Manish Sharma, Chetanya Sharma, Kalpesh Shah)  11-16
3.   Iris Movement Detection by Morphological Operations for Robotic Control (Author's:M.S.Ghute, A.A.Parkhi , K.P.Kamble , Mohsina Anjum) 17-22
4.   Performance Analysis of PSSK Modulation Scheme for High-Data Rate Implantable Medical Devices (Author's:K.Karthika, A.Padmabeaula)  23-25
5.   Reliability Analysis of Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Mechanism Based On Stress Strength Interference with Degradation Analysis (Author's:Prathamesh R.Potdar, Santosh B.Rane)  26-34
6.   Approach to Lean Leadership through Creating a Lean Culture (Author's:Patange Vidyut Chandra)  35-40
7.   A Review on Structural Analysis of Overhead Crane Girder Using FEA Technique (Author's:Pratik R. Patel, V.K.Patel)  41-44
8.   Secure Transformation of Data in Encrypted Image Using Reversible Data hiding Technique (Author's:S.Poongodi,Dr.B.Kalavathi,M.Shanmugapriya)  45-50
9.   FPGA Implementation of Range Resolved Algorithm (Author's:Shikha Bathla, Pankaj Agrawal)  51- 56
10.   Fuzzy Logic Based Z-Source Inverter for Hybrid Energy Resources (Author's:S.Sathya, C.karthikeyan) 57- 63
11.    Artificial Lighting Design at the Lecture Theatre of the Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University (Author's:Wasilah, Josef Prijotomo, Murni Rachmawati) 64- 71
12.    Invisible Watermark Algorithm Embedded in VLSI Chip for Authenticating Digital Image (Author's:Mustafa Osman Ali, Isam Abdelnabi Osman , Rameshwar Rao)  72- 79
13.    Performance Analysis of Different Bit Carry Look Ahead Adder Using VHDL Environment (Author's:Rajender Kumar, Sandeep Dahiya)  80-88 
14.   Dynamic Simulation of Valve Train System for Prediction of Valve Jump (Author's:Rohini Kolhe , Dr.Suhas Deshmukh) 89-93
15.   Systematic VLSI Design and Implementation of Low Power High Speed Up sampler Using Multirate (Author's:Rajendra M. Rewatkar, Dr. Sanjay L. Badjate) 94-99
16.   A Secure Hybrid Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:A. Vijay Vasanth, T.Sowmia, M.Meena) 100-105
17.   Modeling the Emergence of Management Control in Public Organizations: The Case of Moroccan Universities (Author's:El Ayachi BENCHEIKH, Bouchra ELABBADI) 106-116
18.   Experimental Studies on a Scraped Surface Ice Slurry Generator (Author's:Rajinder Singh, Surendra Singh Kachhwaha) 117-131
19.   Forced Flow of a Newtonian Fluid Due to aVertical Stretching Sheet with ViscousDissipation (Author's:Neeti Ghiya, T. Kavitha) 132-143
20.   Isolation and Enrichment of Microbes for Degradation of Crude Oil (Author's:Guru GS, Gohel HR, Panchal MR, Ghosh SK, Braganza VB) 144-147
21.   Study of Kanban and Conwip Analysis on Inventory and Production Control System in an Industry (Author's:Kailash Kumar Lahadotiya, Ravindra pathak, Asutosh K Pandey) 148-154
22.   A Comparison of Hull Resistances of a Mono-Hull and A SWATH Craft (Author's:Josip Medaković, Ban Dario, Branko Blagojević) 155-162
23.   Notes on the Reliability in social organizations (Author's:Nikolay Petrov , Ivelina Peneva) 163-166
24.   Utilizing Bimodal Emotion Recognition for Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (Author's:Alan Murphy, Dr. Sam Redfern) 167-173
25.   The Impact of Dimensional Analysis on Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing Process using Buckingham Pi Theorem (Author's:Sachin G Mahakalkar, Dr. Vivek H Tatwawadi, Jayant P Giri, Dr. J. P. Modak) 174-189
26.   Vibration Control of Uniformly Tapered Chimney by Using Tuned Mass Damper (Author's:INGALE S. D., MAGDUM M. M.) 190-194
27.   A Proposed Statistical Procedure for Assessment of Strength of Concrete from Low Sample Size Using Monte Carlo Simulation (Author's:Debashis Das, Abhijit Chatterjee) 195-207
28.   An Efficient Algorithm for Finding 1-itemsets and Their Respective Counts in Frequent Pattern Mining Using Red-Black Tree (Author's:Kumari Priyanka Sinha, Rajeshwar Puran) 208-213
29.   Implementation of Integrated Management Systems in a Manufacturing Organization with effectiveness for Sustainable and Continuous Improvement (Author's:Patange Vidyut Chandra) 214-220
30.   Optimization of Laser Welding Process by Fuzzy Logic Technique (Author's:Vijay D. Bhujbal, Ashok P.Tadamalle) 221-227
31.   Adaptive Control of Stepping Motors Using Artificial Neural Networks (Author's:R. Jenin Prabhu, S.Saravanan, S.C. Vijayakumar) 228-232
32.   Intrusion Detection Approach &Tools (Author's:Umang G. Waghmare, Dr. G.P. Bhole) 233-238
33.   Accident Prevention via Bluetooth (Author's:Jyotika Kapur) 239-246
34.   Optimization of Workplace Layout by Using Sensitivity Analysis: A Case Study (Author's:Kaustubh N. Kalaspurkar, Kapil B. Salve, Ravikant V. Paropate, Prasad A. Hatwalne) 247-254
35.   Petri Net Modeling and Analysis of Mobile Communication Protocols UMTS, LTE, GPRS and MANET (Author's:Sukhdeep Singh, Gurpal Singh, Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Savita Shiwani) 255-263
36.   Delamination Studies in Fibre-ReinforcedPolymer Composites (Author's:K.Kantha Rao, Dr P. Shailesh, K. Vijay Kumar) 264-274
37.   AssuringSecured Data Storage in Cloud Computing (Author's:Vinayak R. Kankate ,Varshapriya J. N) 275-282
38.   A Three-Degree of Freedom MathematicalModel Simulating Free Vibration of aPrismatic Reinforced Concrete Pile in AxialMotion (Author's:Sule, Samuel) 283-289
39.   Performance Evaluation of Effluent Treatment Plant of Textile Wet Processing Industry: A Case Study of Narol Textile Cluster, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Author's:Sumitkumar Patel, Dr.Anita Rajor, Dr Bharat P.Jain, Payal Patel) 290-296
40.   Design and Implementation of Z4-Ring-Turbo Decoder (Author's:Riyadh A. Al-hilali Abdulkareem S. Abdallah Raad H. Thaher) 297-308
41.   An Architecture for Creation of Multimedia Data Warehouse (Author's:Meenakshi Srivastava, Dr. S.K.Singh, Dr. S.Q.Abbas) 309-315
42.   End User Programming: An Important Cost Driver (Author's:Archana Srivastava, Dr.S.K.Singh, Dr. Syed Qamar Abbas) 316-323

44.   Energy Simulation of Marine Currents through Wind Tunnel with use of Electromagnetic Brake (Author's:Aldo A. Belardi, Antônio H. Piccinini) 332-340
45.   Study of Fungicidal Activity of Synthesized Bio Active 4, 4’-Dihydroxy Bibenzyl Incorporating Various Heterocyclic Moieties (Author's:Dwivedi Smriti , Siddiqui I. R.) 341-350
46.   A Study to Explore the Practice of ICTs in TVET in Bangladesh and South Korea (Author's:Dr. Md. Abu Raihan, Md. Rashedul Huq Shamim) 351-360
47.   Handwritten Tifinagh Text Recognition Using Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor and Bigram Language Model (Author's:Said GOUNANE, Mohammed FAKIR, Belaid BOUIKHALEN) 361-367
48.   Switch less Bidirectional RF Amplifier for 2.4 GHz Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Hilmi Kayhan Yılmaz and Korkut Yeğin) 368-374
49.   Modified Low-Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder using D-Latch (Author's:Veena V Nair) 375-382
50.   Modeling Of Induction Motor and Fault Analysis (Author's:E.Anbarasu, M.Karthikeyan) 383-393
51.   Empirical Relationship between the Stock Markets and Macroeconomic Variables: Panel Cointegration Evidence from African Stock Markets (Author's:Babayemi, A.W., Asare, B.K.,Onwuka, G.I., Singh, R.V. and James, T.O.) 394-410
52.   Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis of CAM Follower (Author's:M.V.Ingalkar, Dr. C.R.Patil) 411-418
53.   Single and Binary sorption of lead(II) and zinc(II) ions onto Eichhornia Crassipes (water hyacinth) ash (Author's:Nharingo Tichaona, Ngwenya Jacob T) 419-426
54.   A Novel of Low Complexity Detection in OFDM System by Combining SLM Technique and Clipping and Scaling Method (Author's:Jayamol Joseph, Subin Suresh) 427-434
55.   Performance Evaluation Of Sewage Treatment Plant Based On Advanced Aerobic Biological Filtration And Oxygenated Reactor (BIOFOR) Technology- A Case Study Of Capital City -Delhi, India (Author's:Charu Sharma, S.K Singh) 435-442
56.   Development of Compression Algorithms for Remotely Sensed SAR Data (Author's:MALLIKARJUN BANKAPUR, MANJULA N HARIHAR) 443-450
57.   Improved 64-Bit Binary Comparator (Author's:Jyothis Kurian) 451-457
58.   Computational Assessment of Stress Development during Deployment of Commercially Available Stents (Author's:Kristi Basu, Pranab Ghosh, Shuvrangsu Das, Abhijit Chanda) 458-464
59.   A Review on Research for Cadmium Removal from Effluent (Author's:Sunil J. Kulkarni, Dr. Jayant P. Kaware) 465-469
60.   Area and Power Efficient LMS Algorithm for Denosing Speech Signal (Author's:Sujith Chatrad, Asha K S) 470-475
61.   Application of Routing Metrics in Wireless Network (Author's:DHARI ALI MAHMOOD, RAHUL JOHARI) 476-484
62.   Biological Assessment of Water Quality in Ishmi River in Albania and Benthic Invertebrate Fauna Composition, During 2012 (Author's:Erjola Keçi, Anila Paparisto, Bledar Pepa) 485-490
63.   Implementation of RFID Tag-Reader Mutual Authentication Protocol (Author's:Anju Jagadeesh) 491-498
64.   Intelligent Shopping Cart (Author's:Raju Kumar, K. Gopalakrishna, K. Ramesha) 499-507
65.   RFID: A Sophisticated Approach TowardsAcademic Monitoring (Author's:Maya Kala, Pooja Guwalani, Dashrath Mane) 508-511
66.   Influence of Cr3+ ion substitution on DC and AC electrical properties of zinc ferrite nanoparticles (Author's:Rintu Mary Sebastian , Sheena Xavier , E M Mohammed) 512-520
67.   Vehicle Parking Management Using Embedded System (Author's:Hitesh J. Lad, Dr. Vibhuti G. Joshi) 521-527
68.   Economics of Biomass Energy a Case Study (Author's:Jaimol Thomas, S. Ashok) 528-533
69.   Design, Implementation and Simulation of Adaptive FIR Filter using CORDIC Structures for Radar Applications (Author's:Vanitha.A, Venkatesh Kumar N) 534-543
70.   Adaptive Control on Transient Chaos of Non-Binary TTCM Decoder-assisted G2 STBC-OFDM for Next Generation (Author's:Riyadh A. Al-hilali Raad H. Thaher Abdulkareem S. Abdallah) 544-556
71.   The Adaptation of Translation Psychological Test as a Necessary Condition for Ensuring the Reliability of Scientific Research (Author's:Ivelina Peneva, Krasimir Yordzhev, Adnan Sharaf Ali) 557-560
72.   Review on Effect of Varying Compression Ratio on Performance & Emissions of Diesel Engine fueled with Bio-diesel (Author's:Hani Chotai) 561-567
73.   Time Reversal Mirror in Ultrasound Imaging using High Speed Data Acquisition System FPGA (Vertex-5) (Author's:AISHWARYA B, DUSHYANTH) 568-572
74.   Offline Handwritten Signatures Classification Using Wavelets and Support Vector Machines (Author's:Poornima G Patil, Ravindra S Hegadi) 573-578
75.   Evaluation of Improper Integrals in theAdaptive Integration Scheme Based On OpenType Mixed Rules (Author's:Debasish Das, Rajani B.Dash) 579-589
76.   Binary Logistic Regression of Students Academic Performance in Tertiary Institution in Nigeria by Socio-Demographic and Economic Factors (Author's:Aromolaran, Adeyemi D., Oyeyinka, Isaiah. K., Olukotun, Oluseyi Okon, Benjamin E.) 590-596
77.   Comparative Study of Responses of Resistance Spot Welding Obtained From Genetic Algorithm, Response Surface and D-Optimal Method (Author's:A.S.Panchakshari , Dr .M.S.Kadam) 597-602
78.   Minimum Entropy based Lossless Image Compression Using Predictive Coding and Integer Wavelet Transform (Author's:Komal Gupta, Ram Lautan Verma) 603-612