International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 5,Issue 3,May 2016

 S.N. Name of Research Article (Volume 5 Issue 3, May 2016)                                                           ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. A super-Gaussian discrete cosine transform filter for the detection of pathologies in retino graphies (Author's:Luis David Lara-Rodríguez and Gonzalo Urcid)
2. Installation of 3.8 Mw Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants in Bompai Industrial Layout, Kano Nigeria (Author's:Bashir Musa, Gad Shaari, Aliyu Aliyu) 15-19
3. Angular and temperature dependencies of the electron paramagnetic resonance and paramagnetic relaxation characteristics in KCuF3 single crystal (Author's:N. P. Fokina, E. Kh. Khalvashi, and M. O. Elizbarashvili) 20-28
4. Finite semigroups of binary relations defined by semi lattices of the class Σ6(X, 6) (Author's:Mzevinar Bakuridze and Alexander Bakuridze) 29-36
5. Assessment of existing structures under the action of gravity, earthquake and blast loads (Author's:Ahmed A. Bayoumey, Walid A. Attia) 37-46
6. Decentralized Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds (Author's:Praveen.N, Krishna Kumar.P.R, Vinitha V Yadav) 47-51
7. A Hybrid Cloud Approach to resolve Secure Authorization and Deduplication using hashing Algorithm (Author's:Vinitha V Yadav, Krishna Kumar P.R, Praveen.N) 52-56
8. Analysis and ingenious approach for segmentation of Breast Cancer cells in dual modality images for Computer Aided Diagnosis (Author's:Manjunatha V.G, Meharunnisa S.P) 57-63
9. Design and Development of Multilevel Inverter for Solar Power Generation (Author's:Dilip, Dr J Satheesh kumar) 64-73
10. DESIGN OF A PROTOTYPE OF A PICK AND PLACE ROBOTIC ARM (Author's:Amod Aboti, Sanket Acharya, Abhinav Anand, Rushikesh Chintale, Vipul Ruiwale) 74-81
11. Use of Nanotechnology in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (Author's:Dr. Ajita Pathak, Tanya) 82-89
12. Automation and Validation of System Sensors (Author's:Sowmya S , Prajnesh Vijay Kumar, Ramesha Bhatta A, Dr. S Gayathri) 90-96
13. Impact of RHA on Expansive soils in Road Construction (Author's:Rama Devi. B, Satyanarayana.P.V.V, Surya Manikantha.A, Rama Krishna.T) 97-103
14. Treatment of Wastewater by Electro coagulation: A Review (Author's:Sandeep Thakur, M.S. Chauhan) 104-110
15.  Heavy metals accumulation in the water and tissues of heteropneustes fossilis collected From polluted elenga beel, morigaon, Assam (Author's:B.Kalita, D.Kusre, K.C.Bhuyan, A.Q.Osmani, P.J.Mahanta)
16.  A Detailed Study of Routing in Internet of Things (Author's:Tausifa Jan Saleem)
17. Design modeling and simulation of block moulding machine: management approach (Author's:Engr.Rufus ogbuka Chime FCAI,Engr.Samuel I.Ukwuaba,Engr.Rufus Chuka Chime,Abdulrahim Abdulbaqi Toyin) 123-134