International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 5,Issue 1, January 2016

 S.N. Name of Research Article (Volume 5 Issue 1, January 2016)                                                           ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Design, Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Compress Spring (Author's:Engr.Rufus Ogbuka Chime,Engr.Samuel I.Ukwuaba)
2. Cyclical freezing and thawing effect of concrete cover zone (Author's:Mahmud, Abba Tahir, Ya’u, Jamilu, Ibrahim Idris, Yusuf Mohammed Nuruddeen ,Shuaibu, Nuru Mamman)  14-20
3. Study of Sole Durability from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Injection and Extrusion Grades Blends (Author's:M. E. Elsiddig, Dr. I. H. Mohamed ElAmin, Dr. G.A. Gasmelseed)  21-24
4. The Research of Traffic Accident Hotspots Identification Based on Clustering Ensemble Model (Author's:TAO Gang, SONG Huansheng, Mohsen A. Jafari, CHEN Yanxiang)  25-32
5. Synthesis of Some New Annulated Pyranopyrazole Derivatives, a New Series ofHerbicidal Substances and Some Related Compounds (Author's:YONIS M. BADAWY, ALI F. EL-SAYED, FOUAD S. SOLIMAN, MOHAMED S. MOHYALDIN)  33-39
6. Sampling and Pellet making process for elemental analysis of some fish samples by PIXE technique at VDG Accelerator Laboratory, Dhaka (Author's:Md. Atiqur Rahman, Md. Obaidur Rahman, Md. Joynal Abedin, Md. Zakir Hossain, Laila Zaman)  40-47
7. Calculation of reliability of submersible electrical pumps on base of censored samplesprocessing of service data(Author's:Habibov I.A, Abbasova S.M.)
8. Acquisition and digital filtering for epithelial potential of breast via Matlab user interface(Author's:Fatima Moumtadi, Sergio Meléndez Armas)  55-61
9. Morphology and Thermal studies of Lead Carbonate Nanoparticles (Author's:R. Hepzi Pramila Devamani, A.Gomathi, B.Vijitha)   62-65
10. Case Study: One Centimeter Precision Regional Quasi-geoid (Author's:Janis Balodis, Katerina Morozova, Gunars Silabriedis, Reiner Jäger, Simone Kälber, Diana Haritonova, Inese Janpaule, Janis Kaminskis)   66-75
11. ICT enabled Situated Learning Model in the development of metacognitive skills (Author's:R.D. Senthilkumar)   76-80
12. QOS for enterprise network (Author's:TRAVIS HALE, NILAY TRIVEDI, APOORVA HEBBAR,AKSHAY SALUNKE)   81-84
13. 2D Color Code Interference Cancellation by Super Imposing Methodology (Author's:Sarika A. Kandalkar, Imran R. Shaikh)   85-91
14. Pattern Analysis and Fraud Detection UsingHadoop Framework (Author's:S.V.Phulari, Umesh Shantling Lamture, Sumit Vilas Madage, Kunal Tirupati Bhandari)   92-100
15. GDI Based Design of Low Power Adders and Multipliers (Author's:B.Shanmukhi)   101-112
16. Development of Methodology for Managing Effects of Marine Corrosion using FE Approach (Author's:D.Rajasekhar, Ananthakrishna, P.S.Deepaksankar, D.Narendrakumar, K.Ramasundaram)   113-123
17. USB Based-PIC Microcontroller for Real Time Application Measured in Both Analog and Digital System(Author's:Kalpavi C Y)   124-131
18. Global Solar Radiation over Al-Baha City, KSA: Comparison of Predicted Models and Measured Data (Author's:Saeed A. Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed M. Abdel-Latifb, Adel S. Nadac , El-Shahat F. Mohamedd, Ashraf S. Emam)  132-145
19. Solving multi objective inventory model of deteriorating items using intuitionistic fuzzy optimization technique (Author's:A.Faritha Asma, E.C.Henry Amirtharaj)  146-153
20. Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations using Runge-kutta second order method for twostages contra-harmonic mean (Author's:D.Paul Dhayabaran, J.Christy Kingston) 154-161
21. LOW COST LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINING PLATFORM: PRIMARY VALIDATION PROCESS (Author's:M. Sguanci, F. Mandolfino, M. Minuto, E.Perino, G. Marcocci, G. Vercelli, M. Frascio) 162-170
22. The Reference Plane of the Inverted Re-entrant Turnstile Junction Circulator (Author's:Joseph Helszajn, Alicia Casanueva and Angel Mediavilla) 171-186
24. Clustering and Filtering Approach for searching Big Data Application Query (Author's:S. V. Phulari, Prasad P. Shah, Atul D. Kalpande, Vikas A. Pawar) 197-204
25. Safety and Integrity of Pipelines: Controlling Risk Associated with Pipelines (Author's:Alfred Hasanaj , Koçi Doraci) 205-208
26. Flutter Stability and Aerodynamic Optimization of Cable-Stayed Bridge Deck Using Numerical Simulation (Author's:Saad A.Yehia, Walid A.Attia)   209-224
Political Parties through Social Media: Context of Facebook (Author's:Babita Agrawal)  225-233