International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 4,Issue 4, July 2015

Name of Research Article (Volume 4 Issue 4, July 2015)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Winter thermal multi-objective optimization: a simulation case study (Author's:Marco Camponeschi, Alessandro Fonti, Fabio Leccese, Gabriele Comodi, Maurizio Grossoni, Stefano Pizzuti)
2.   On Some Properties of Regular Elements of Complete Semi groups Defined by Semi lattices of the Class Σ4(X, 8) (Author's:Yasha Diasamidze and Alexander Bakuridze) 8-15
3.   A Laplace type problem with non uniform distribution (Author's:G. Caristi - E. Saitta and M. Stoka) 16-22
4.   The use of polymer adhesives for the reconstruction of concrete elements of destroyed buildings in Libya (Author's:Mouna Abdalhkem, O.M. Beketov) 23-26
5.   Assembly Language Program Evolution in Tierra-based On-Board Computer through Single Event Upset (Author's:Tomohiro Harada, Keiki Takadama) 27-42
6.   State Recognition by Analyzing Time Series Data of Sensors (Author's:Ganwen Jiang, Hiroya Kamitomo) 43-49
7.   Nutrients dynamics simulation of two lakes in Albania utilizing CE-QUAL-W2 model (Author's:Adriana ZYFI, Spiro GRAZHDANI) 50-59
8.   Efficiency of solar collector combined with outer wall (Author's:S. P. Shapoval) 60-67
9.   Correlation between process control and emissivity of jacketing materials in steam pipes (Author's:Osore E. A. E, Ahmed S.M, Rotich P.K) 68-74
10.   An airflow vortex-shedding flowmeter with PVDF piezoelectric film sensors: development and characterization (Author's:Roberto Marsili) 75-81
11.   Selection of Appropriate Instrumentation Based On Physical Hydraulic Model Condition (Author's:S Ganguly, Hradaya Prakash) 82-89
12.   A note on the closed form solution and theseries expansion for the Fermi-Integral F1/2 (EF /kBT) of the density-of-states function in Semiconductors (Author's:P. K. Chakraborty, Soma Mukherjee and B. K. Chaudhuri,) 90-94
13.   Comfort Analysis of Passenger Car Vehicle Seat (Author's:Rajeshkumar U. More, Dr. R. S. Bindu) 95-100
14.   Implementation and Analysis of High Speed and Area Efficient 64- bit Carry Select Adder (Author's:Madhurima Bose, Sourabh Sharma) 101-106
15.   Review Of SIFT and LBP Algorithm for Crime Investigation Using LFDA Framework (Author's:Anjali J. Pansare, V.C. Kotak, Babychen K. Mathew) 107-110
16.   Performance Analysis of Coherent IR- UWB Receiver and Non-Coherent IR -UWB Receivers (Author's:Nayana Santosh Patil, Vidya Gogate) 111-118
17.   A Study on Safety Management in Construction Projects (Author's:K.Mohammed Imthathullah Khan, K. Suguna and P. N. Raghunath) 119-128
18.   Effect of open waste dumping on its surrounding surface water bodies in Bhanpur Bhopal (M.P) (Author's:SABA RASHID, SUDHANSHU DUWEDI) 129-131
19.   Adaptive Modulation for OFDM System by Using Convolutional Coding and BCH Coding (Author's:Sagar Ambadas Jumde, D.P. Lekariya and R.N. Mandavgane) 132-139
20.   Diurnal and Seasonal Variation of Global Solar Radiation at Anyigba, North-Central Nigeria (Author's:Adedoja, O.S., Ayantunji, B.G., Saleh U.A.1 & Jatto. S.S) 140-145
21.   Thin Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack for Low Power Applications (Author's:R. Ebrahim, M. Yeleuov, A. Issova, S. Tokmoldin, and A. Ignatiev) 146-151
22.   Improved Ant Colony Optimization towards Robust Ensemble Co-Clustering Algorithm (IACO-RECCA) for Enzyme Clustering (Author's: R.Rajeswari,Dr. G.GunaSekaran) 152-166
23.   The 7+ Initiative: A Measure for Global Climate Change Adaptation (Author's:Jose A. Raynal-Villasenor, Maria E. Raynal-Gutierrez) 167-176