International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 4 Issue 3, May 2015

Name of Research Article (Volume 4 Issue 3, May 2015)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Funnel Vortices and Fluid Particles Interaction (Author's:José Roberto Mercado-Escalante, Pedro Antonio Guido-Aldana, Gilberto Zetina-Domínguez)
2.   FPGA-based implementation of characterization of epileptic patterns in EEG using chaotic descriptors (Author's:Walther Carballo, Hugo G. González, David Antonio, Azgad Casiano) 8-19
3.   On the Use of Exact Coefficients of the GEV Distribution Matrix Variance-Covariance for the Maxima and Minima (Author's:Jose A. Raynal-Villasenor and Maria E. Raynal-Gutierrez) 20-28
4.   Cloud Computing and Its Role in Education in Sudan (Author's:Omer Abdel Rahim M. Fadil, KHALDI Mohamed, Dr. Mohamed A. El Hindi, Hythem A. Abdalla) 29-36
5.   The powdered molybdenum target preparation technology for 99mTc production on C18 cyclotron (Author's:A.Avetisyan, R.Dallakyan, R.Sargsyan, A.Melkonyan, M.Mkrtchyan, G.Harutyunyan, N.Dobrovolsky) 37-44
6.   Study of LZ77 and LZ78 Data Compression Techniques (Author's:Suman M. Choudhary, Anjali S. Patel, Sonal J. Parmar) 45-49
7.   Simulation of Pumps by Aspen Plus (Author's:Khan Abdulla, Dr. S. M. Walke) 50-57
8.   Embedded PLC Trainer Kit with Industry Application (Author's:Kalpana Bhise, Sharwari Amte) 58-66
9.   Navigation system for blind person using moving object tracking (Author's:Mahesh Patil, Atul Chaudhari, Yogesh Nandurkar) 67-73
10.   A Brief Study of Spectral Feature Extraction Methods for Content Based Image Retrieval (SFEMCBIR) (Author's:Nawade Rajlaxmi, Dr.Mrs.Lokhande S.S.) 74-79
11.   Ambulance Drone Support System (ADSS)(Author's:Syed Ali Shahbaz) 80-89
12.   A Method for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations Using Runge-Kutta Method with Harmonic Mean of Three Quantities (Author's:D.Paul Dhayabaran,J.Christy kingston) 90-96
13.   Integer Programming Model for Fuzzy Time Cost and Quality Trade off Problem (Author's:M. Evangeline Jebaseeli, D. Paul Dhayabaran) 97-106
14.   A Survey of Design and Implementation of High Speed Carry Select Adder (Author's:SWATI THAKUR, SWATI KAPOOR) 107-112
15.   Modified MAC based FIR Filter Using Carry Select Adders (Author's:Anna Johnson, Binu Manohar, Anu Philip Mathew) 113-120
16.   Shape Matching For Shape Descriptors Using Support Vector Machine Technique and SIFT Algorithm (Author's:Shruthi G, Dr Rekha K R) 121-127
17.   Emotion and Gender Recognition of Speech Signals Using SVM (Author's:S.Sravan Kumar, T.RangaBabu) 128-137
18.   An Intelligent auto motor single phase to three phase smart change over control system for efficient power distribution management using microcontroller (Author's:Sahil Bansod,Soumendu Pal,Swapnil Thawari) 138-141
19.   Case Study on Impact of Counterbalance Mass on Crankshaft Torsional Vibrations (Author's:Asllan Hajderi, Rrezart Bozo) 142-149
20.   Switching Surge Study on High Voltage Efficient Motor (Author's:Akash M. Patil, W. Z. Gandhare) 150-155
21.   Value Stream Mapping and Work Standardization as Tools for Lean Manufacturing Implementation: A Case Study of an Indian Manufacturing Industry (Author's:D. Rajenthirakumar, R. Joswa Caxton and S. Sivagurunathan, A.Balasuadhakar) 156-163
22.   Analysis of Sandwich Composites Using Anova Approach (Author's:Sarfaraz kittur, Nagesh S.N) 164-170
23.   Simulation of the Metal and Ceramic Powders Densification Process by Hot Isostatic Pressing (Author's:Locif REDOUANI , Smail BOUDRAHEM) 171-180
24.   Effect of Mesh Size on Finite Element Analysis of Plate Structure (Author's:Shashikant T. More, Dr. R. S. Bindu) 181-185
25.   Investigation of Gassified Vegetable Oils Blend with Petrol as Substitute Fuel in SI Engine on Road Vehicle (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru , Shivakumar A) 186-193
26.   Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles (Author's:Rafeekali K, Mohammed Maheem, E.M. Mohammed) 194-198
27.   A Review on Brake Assist System (Author's:S. Mahajan, Jesse Joy, Akash Landge, Vrushabh Dalvi, Vishal Dabhade) 199-208
28.   The Effect of Liquid Droplets and Fine Particulates on Mass Transfer with and without Chemical Reaction (Author's:D.E.Ibrahim, H.M.Mustafa and A.E.Elhassan) 209-213
29.   New Pulse Width Modulation Technique for Three Phase Induction Motor Drive (Author's:Umesha K L, Sri Harsha J, Capt. L. Sanjeev Kumar) 214-220
30.   Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter for Front End Rectifier Fed to Ac-Motor Drive Using Matlab (Author's:Neeraj. M. K, Capt. L. Sanjeev Kumar, Shri Harsha J) 221-226
31.   Performance Analysis of an IEEE 9-Bus System with TCSC and SSSC (Author's:Janhavi C G, K L Ratnakar) 227-235
32.   Precision Control of Antenna Positioner Using P and Pi Controllers (Author's:Sharon Shobitha.O, K.L.Ratnakar, G.Sivasankaran) 236-245
33.   Smoothing Of Power in Wind Generation Using Super Capacitor (Author's:GOUTHAM B, K L RATNAKAR, SHRI HARSHA) 246-252
34.   Simulation of Photovoltaic Cell and MPPT Controllers and their Analysis (Author's:ANAND KUMAR S, K L RATNAKAR, B.S.YOGANANDA, Dr. B. Rajesh Kamath) 253-263
35.   Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on Voltage Source Converter-Hvdc System (Author's:Sandeep N D, Shri Harsha J, Dr.B Rajesh Kamath, Umesha K L) 264-270
36.   Study of Supply Chain Flow of Integral Fuel Floor Component of LCA and Improving Its Machining Process (A case study at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bangalore) (Author's:M Pavankumara and Dr. Chitriki Thotappa) 271-279
37.   To Study Performance of Two Stroke SI Engine Using Optimization Techniques (Author's:Pavan Kumar.P.K, Dr. Rajagopal,Dr.Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru,Vardhini.C) 280-285
38.   A study of Video delivery issues in mobile devices over Internet (Author's:Prachi Prakash Salvi) 286-290
39.   Survey on Privacy Preserving Public Auditing Techniques for Shared Data in the Cloud (Author's:Kedar Jayesh Rasal, Dr. S.V.Gumaste, Sandip A. Kahate) 291-296
40.   Experimental Investigation Improvement of Change in the Design of the Retrofits to Create Swirl in CI Engine (Author's:Dr.Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru, S.Veeresh kumar) 297-304
41.   A Study on Root Mean Square Labelings in Graphs (Author's:P. Shalini, D. Paul Dhayabaran) 305-309
42.   Study of Machinability and Corrosion Behaviour of Al-Si-Mg Alloy Treated With Master Alloys (Author's:B Divakara Baliga, Mohandas K N, T Anil Kumar) 310-316
43.   Improved Exponential Ratio–Product Type Estimator for finite Population Mean (Author's:Ran Vijay Kumar Singh and Ahmed Audu) 317-322
44.   Arrhythmias Detection based on Wavelet Transform (Author's:Fatima Moumtadi,  Nicté Mandujano Mayoral, Gabriela Díaz Cartas, Rogelio Alcántara Silva) 323-334