International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 4,Issue 2,March 2015

Name of Research Article (Volume 4 Issue 2, March 2015)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Effectiveness of Flexible Pin Type Couplings (Author's:Mohammed I. Matarneh, Nabeel S. Gharaibeh, Artyukh, V. G.)
2.   On Rg-Compact Spaces (Author's:A. M. Al-Shibani and S. M. Al-Areefi) 8-10
3.   Strengthening of Opening R.C. Beams in Shear Using Bonded External Reinforcements (Author's:Khaled Fawzy) 11-23
4.   The Effect of Dynamic Eccentricity on the Stator Current Spectrum of 550 kW Induction Motor (Author's:Saleh Elawgali) 24-30
5.   A new Model for Prediction of luminescent comportment of nanostructured Silicon Rich Oxide (Author's:N.D. Espinosa-Torres, J.A. Luna-López, A.D. Hernández de la Luz, J.F.J. Flores-Gracia, J. Martínez-Juárez and G. Flores-Carrasco) 31-40
6.   Decontamination of oils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls and dibenzyl disulfide using polar aprotic solvents (Author's:Frantisek Kastanek, Martina Matejkova, Lucie Spacilova, Ywetta Maleterova, Petr Kastanek, Olga Solcova) 41-48
7.   Simultaneous Localization and Autonomous Environment-Mapping Robot (Author's:Pema Lhamu Tamang, Dr. Chingtham Tejbanta Singh) 49-53
8.   LCC Application for Estimating Total Maintenance Crews and Optimal Age of BTS Components (Author's:Judi Alhilman,Rd. Rohmat Saedudin,FransiskusTatasDwi Atmaji) 54-62
9.   Determination of drill cuttings hazard class and toxicity by means of phytotesting (Author's:Dr. Pasko OA, PhD. Posternak TS) 63-66
10.   Critical Evaluation of Locally Fabricated Maize Shelling Machine (Author's:Adewole, C. A., Babajide T. M, Oke, A. M., Babajide, N. A. Aremu, D. O. and Ogunlade, C. A.) 67-73
11.   Special Device for Detection the Gravity Effects During Solar Eclipses (Author's:L.A.Savrov) 74-83
12.   Problem of Energy Sufficiency: A Case for Conservation (Author's:Agbanigo, Andrew Olubunmi and Omojogberun, Yele Veronica) 84-89
13.   Integrating IT Professional Certifications into Graduate CS/MIS Programs: a Blueprint for Success (Author's:Dr. Naveed Saleem, Dr. Gokhan Gercek, Dr. Mrinal Mugdh Varma) 90-95
14.   Study and comparison of stress and displacement distribution on different perforated proof mass of micro fabricated MEMS capacitive accelerometer (Author's:Shashi yadav,Sumit Kumar Gupta, Kamran Akhtar) 96-103
15.   Near real time study of the cyclone ‘Mahasen’ with SARAL AltiKa geophysical products (Author's:S. K. Sasamal, Sourabh Bansal, U. Mahesh Kumar*, C. B. S. Dutt and V. K. Dadhwal) 104-113
16.   Impact of Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) on the Yield of Cotton (Author's:A.Srinivas, D.Mounica , U.Pavani) 114-118
17.   Head up Display Techniques in Cars (Author's:S. M. Mahajan, Sudesh B. Khedkar, Sayali M. Kasav) 119-124
18.   Use of SARAL AltiKa Geophysical Products towards the study of cyclone "Phailin‟ (Author's:S. K. Sasamal, Sourabh Bansal, C. B. S. Dutt and V. K. Dadhwal) 125-134
19.   Effect of normalization as a preprocessing task in result declaration (Author's:Nilesh Mahajan, Jyoti Namdeo) 135-141
20.   Modified Printed Square Monopole Antenna (Author's:Minakshi Badwaik, Prashant wankhade) 142-145
21.   Design and Development of Integrated Semi - Autonomous Fire Fighting Mobile Robot (Author's:Saravanan P) 146-151
22.   OSCAT Wind Stress and Wind Stress Curl during the Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclone "Mahasen"(Author's:S. K. Sasamal, Sourabh Bansal, K.H.Rao, C.B.S.Dutt, and V. K. Dadhwal) 152-162
23.   Investigation of engine performance and Emissions Characteristics of twin cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled with Tyre pyrolysis oil & Diesel Blends with multi functional diesel fuel Additive (Author's:Naveen.G, C. Thamotharan, Dr. P.Naveenchandran) 163-172
24.   A study on Assessment of Physico chemical properties of water and wastewater (Author's:Karthick S, Jenifer Priyanka R M, Suganthapriya K, Sudhakar M) 173-177
25.   Drainage network analysis of Rajghat dam reservoir, district Sagar, M.P., India using Remote sensing techniques (Author's:Chourasia Abhilasha, Rawat R.K.and Thomas H.) 178-182
26.   Study of Harmonic based Indirect Current Controlled in Shunt Active Filter Using Slide Mode Controller (Author's:Kalpana.S, P.K.Dhal) 183-192
27.   Business Intelligence and Analytics Evolution, Applications, and Emerging Research Areas (Author's:Javed Mohammed) 193-200
28.   Geometry of Special Metric Solution (Author's:SHANKAR LAL) 201-207
29.   Growth and characterization of pure and L-Alanine doped Zinc Tris-thiourea Sulphate (ZTS) single crystals (Author's:M. Lawrence, J. Felicita Vimala) 208-214
30.   Analysis of RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP Configuration on router Using CISCO Packet tracer (Author's:Archana C) 215-222
31.   Regression Model for Predicting Study Parameters of GFRP Strengthened Corrosion Damaged RC Columns (Author's:P.R.Dhevasenaa, K.Suguna and P.N.Raghunath) 223-231
32.   The Effect of Nanosilica in Compensating the Strength Loss Caused by Using High Volume Fly Ash in High Strength Mortars (Author's:Dr. Rahel Kh. Ibrahim, Dr. Faris Rashied Ahmed) 232-241
33.   Investigation of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) implementation in Libyan oil Service Company (Author's:Redha M. Elhuni) 242-248
34.   IMU Based Indoor Mobility Alignment and its 3D Cloud Point Generation (Author's:Saravanan P.D, Baskar S) 249-255
35.   Harmonic Analysis of Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number of Switches and DC-Sources (Author's:K.Yogameenal, S.Baskar, S.Kalpana) 256-262
36.   Software Defined Radio with Ethernet Interface (Author's:Ligi K, Chandrasekar P) 263-270
37.   Electronic money- A way of convenience for making transaction over internet (Author's:Yash chugh) 271-275
38.   Impact of Humor Advertising in Radio and Print Advertising - A Review (Author's:S.Venkatesh, Dr. N.Senthilkumar) 276-280
39.   Data Preprocessing: A Milestone of Web Usage Mining (Author's:Pooja Kherwa, Jyotsna Nigam) 281-289
40.   Inter-criteria Comparison of Bulgarian Construction Companies Using Fuzzy Relations (Author's:Galina Ilieva, Angel Dimitrov) 290-299
41.   Selection of Optimal Process Variables for Improving the Al/Cu Joint Length in Magnetic Pulse Welding (Author's:Ji-Yeon Shim, Bong-Yong Kang) 300-309
42.   Design of p-HEMT based Low Noise Amplifierfor RF applications in "C‟ Band (Author's:Yashpal Yadav, CRS Kumar) 310-320
43.   Implementation and Performance Comparison of Modified Booth Multiplier by using Different Adder Techniques (Author's:Saranya P S,Veena Chandran M, Keerthana P, Aravind S, Prajitha P Nair, Archana Thulaseedharan) 321-327
44.   Flexural Behaviour of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Laminates (Author's:B.Parthiban, K.Suguna, P.N.Raghunath) 328-334
45.   Determination of water quality parameters of the river Yamuna at different locations of Delhi by using Vernier sensors (Author's:Kalawati Saini) 335-343
46.   Mhd turbulent flow in presence of inclined magnetic field past a rotating semi-infinite plate (Author's:R.C.Maswai, M.N. Kinyanjui, J.K. Kwanza) 344-360
47.   Development of Aluminum Small Digital Electronics Cases Using Magnetic Pulse Forming Process (Author's:Ji-Yeon Shim, Bong-Yong Kang) 361-370
48.   Effect of natural cellulosic fibers on the thermodynamic properties of a clay mixture product (Author's:R. Lamloumi, G. L. Lecomte-Nana, L. Hassini, M.A. Elcafsi, D. Smith) 371-389
49.   Detection of Anomaly Using Windows Registry Access (Author's:Kalyani Lokhande, Mona Batra, Mohini Sonawane, Bhavana Ingale) 390-393
50.   Intrusion detection pattern recognition using an Artificial Neural Network (Author's:José Ernesto Luna Domínguez, Anabelem Soberanes Martín) 394-400
51.   Model for the development of Interactive Computer-based Educational Environments Learning Objects for the area of mathematics (Author's:Anabelem Soberanes Martín, Ana Karina Sánchez Hernández) 401-407
52.   Rotary Automated Car Parking System (Author's:Chandni Patel, Monalisa Swami , Priya Saxena , Sejal Shah) 408-415
53.   A DWT-HAAR based audio watermarking algorithm (Author's:Sakriti Dutt) 416-419
54.   A Study on Dual Fuel Engine: Opportunities for Development of Non-Polluting and Efficient I.C. Engine (Author's:Rushil Mehta, Ankit Kumar Chauhan, Jay Patel, Mohit Khatri, Dhruv Panchal) 420-424
55.   An Algorithm to Solve Fully Fuzzy Time Cost Trade off  Problems (Author's:M. Evangeline Jebaseeli, D. Paul Dhayabaran) 425-436
56.   Patellar Tendinopathy Rehabilitation Device - Have fun with Serious Games (Author's:Konstantinos Katzis, Demetrios Stasinopoulos) 437-448