International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 4,Issue 1,January 2015

Name of Research Article (Volume 4 Issue 1, January 2015)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Design and Testing a Novel Photo bioreactor to Grow Algae for Carbon Recycling (Author's:Xavier Henry, Madhumi Mitra, Abhijit Nagchaudhuri)
2.   A von Neumann Entropy Measure of Entanglement Transfer in a Double Jaynes-Cummings Model (Author's:Samina S. Masood, Allen Miller) 8-21
3.   Nanorobots in the Medical field (Author's:Ibtihal Alahmadi) 22-24
4.   Leaves value of Solanum incanum L. at Khartoum North-Sudan (Author's:Dr. Ismail Mohamed Fangama Abdalla) 25-28
5.   The effect of scientific level in good time management (Author's:Dr. Abdulwahid A.Fadlallh) 29-38
6.   Preventive Maintenance Program Using Reliability Centered Maintenance Method and Procurement of Spare Part Based on Reliability (Study Case : PT . XYZ) (Author's:Judi Alhilman, Okky Fajar Safitri) 39-47
7.   Desalination plants in the red sea state (Author's:M. S. E. Mustafa, G.A.Gasmelseed) 48-54
8.   Durability performance of concretewith heat treatment of SiO2 aggregate (Author's:N. Tahiri, L. Khouchafand M. Elaatmani) 55-62
9.   HSABC Algorithm for Searching the Optimal Solution of CEED Problem Considering Uncontrolled Distance Placements (Author's:A.N. Afandi) 63-69
10.   Media Influence Model Based on Audience Personality Identification (Author's:Maryam Haghshenas,Roghayeh Shahbazi,Mojtaba Nassiri Yar,Abouzar Sadeghzadeh) 70-75
11.   Developing the Accuracy of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy with New Test Cell for Accelerated Evaluation of Coating Performance (Author's:A.Husain , Esam A. M. Husain, A. Almubarak) 76-86
12.   Determination of the Effects of Rotation and Varied Magnetic Field on Unsteady Couette Flow with Injection (Author's:J. N. Ndung’u, M. N. Kinyanjui, J. K. Sigey, P. R. Kiogora) 87-96
13.   Economic Viability of a 3.6 Mw and 9 Mw Wind Farm in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria (Author's:Zubairu Gatugel USMAN and Aliyu USMAN) 97-104
14.   Implementation of Integer Square Root (Author's:Addanki Purna Ramesh, I. JAYARAM KUMAR) 105-113
15.   Logistic Regression Analysis of Syphilis in Birnin Kebbi (Author's:Babayemi, A. W. and Olorunpomi O. T) 114-119
16.   Grower’s Choice on Trading Partner in Agricultural Markets in China: A Perspective of Transaction Cost (Author's:Wang Lijia, Huo Xuexi) 120-127
17.   Experimental Study of Particle Impact Erosion for Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) (Author's:Niranjan Pattar, Nishant Mallapur) 128-134
18.   Flexural Behavior of High Strength Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams (Author's:K.R.Venkatesan, P.N.Raghunath, K.Suguna) 135-140
19.   Innovative Front Line Demonstrations in Tribal Areas to Enhance Brinjal Income through Integrated Pest and Disease Management East Godavari District-A.P (Author's:V.Govardhan Rao, D.Mounica) 141-147
20.   A Survey on Microaneurysm Detection for Early Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy (Author's:Srilatha L.Rao, Deepashree Devaraj , Dr.S.C. Prasanna Kumar) 148-152
21.   Clustering Algorithm for Log File Analysis on Top of Hadoop (Author's:Shrida Girme, C.A.Laulkar) 153-160
22.   Numerical Solution of Fifth Order BoundaryValue Problems by Petrov-Galerkin Method with Quadratic B-splines as basis functions andSextic B-splines as weight functions (Author's:K.N.S.Kasi Viswanadham, S.M.Reddy) 161-170
23.   Design of Vehicle speed Control System Using Wireless Instrument Cluster (Author's:R.Deepa) 171-178
24.   Speech Recognition Based Wireless Automation of Home Loads- E Home (Author's:Amrutha S, Aravind S, Ansu Mathew, Swathy Sugathan, Rajasree R, and Priyalakshmi S) 179-184
25.   OFDM Transciever for Nonlinear Communication Systems (Author's:Shatrughna Prasad Yadav, Subhash Chandra Bera) 185-194
26.   Assessing Runoff from Small Watershed with Data Driven Model (Author's:A. D. Pundlik, S. M. Taley and M. U. Kale) 195-204
27.   Simulation & Performance Analysis of a Smart Antenna System Using Beam forming Techniques for Mobile Communication (Author's:Chinmay Upadhyaya, Dr. Mahesh Kumar porwal) 205-215
28.   Existence of solutions for nonlocal fractional impulsive mixedtype functional integro-differential equations (Author's:R.Murugesu, R.P oongodi) 216-228
29.   Ionic wind generation during positive corona discharge in a wire-cylinder air gap (Author's:Konstantinos N. Kiousis, Antonios X. Moronis and Emmanouil D. Fylladitakis) 229-239
30.   Predicting the Reliability of Multi-Build Software: A Model and Case Study (Author's:James A. Whittaker, Kamel Rekab, Wei Wu, Herbert H. Thompson) 240-248
31.   Dynamic Monitoring Interval to Economize SLA Evaluation in Cloud Computing (Author's:Nor Shahida Mohd Jamail, Rodziah Atan, Rusli Abdullah, Mar Yah Said) 249-260
32.   Anomalous transport and dielectric behavior of the CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) type high dielectric constant materials (Author's:Soma Mukherjee, B.K. Chaudhuri and S. C. Sarkar) 261-272
33.   Optimally Placing Multiple Kinect Sensors for Workplace Monitoring (Author's:Nima Rafibakhsh, H. Felix Lee) 273-281
34.   Hybrid approach into the design of a user model for adaptive recommendation system in MOOCs (Author's:Ahlam Zemmouri , Mohamed Benslimane, Mohamed khaldi) 282-284
35.   A new method for accelerated annealing ofsteel for KCr15 bearings (Author's:Thoma Lice) 285-289
36.   Text Mining Technique to Distinguish between Clinical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering Research Articles (Author's:Motoki Sakai) 290-296
37.   A Real Time 2D to 3D Image ConversionTechniques (Author's:Miroslav Nikolov Galabov) 297-304
38.   Case Study on Industrial Gantry Crane (Author's:Jitesh Kumar Singh, Surendra Kumar Dwivedi) 305-310
39.   Referral Patient Data Clustering for Simulation (Author's:Kambiz Farahmand, Sudhindra Upadhyaya, Satpal Singh Wadhwa, Mahmoud Mostafa, Vahid H Khiabani) 311-328
40.   An Automatic Circuit Design for Metal Detector by Using Programmable Logic Controller Technique (Author's:Daniel Sinkonde Kayange, Noel Mbonde) 329-337
41.   Reactive Extraction Processing of Spirulina-Platensis Microalgae to Produce Biodiesel: Kinetics Study (Author's:H.I. El Shimi, N.K. Attia, S.T. El Sheltawy, G.I. El Diwani) 338-349
42.   Quantification of Dual Reporter Cell Cultures via Image Analysis (Author's:S. Seriani, G. Del Favero, V. Martinelli, L. Mestroni, C.S. Long, O. Sbaizero, P. Gallina) 350-367
43.   Reliability of FSO systems in Sahel region: acase study of the major city of Dakar (Author's:Cheikh A. B. Dath, Modou Mbaye, Ndeye Arame Boye Faye, Ahmadou Wague) 368-371
44.   Brain Tumor Extraction in MRI Using HybridThreshold and Watershed Technique (Author's:Hadeel N. Abdullah, Mustafa A. Habtr) 372-374
45.   Review of PCA, LDA and LBP algorithms usedfor 3D Face Recognition (Author's:Pradnya Kartik Dhere) 375-378