International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 3,Issue 6,November 2014

Name of Research Article (Volume 3 Issue 6, November 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Practical Examination of Distance on Channel Capacity in IEEE 802.11n Wireless Signals (Author's:O. Osunade, T. Oguntunde and O. Deji-Akinpelu)
2.   Design and Decoupling of Control System for a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) (Author's:Georgeous, N.B, Gasmalseed, G.A, Abdalla, B.K) 9-20
3.   Thermo gravimetric analysis of peach pits under inert and air atmosphere (Author's:María A. Saffe, Marcelo E. Echegaray, Germán D. Mazza, Rosa A. Rodriguez) 21-30
4.   Towards defining the reference system in geodetic vertical network used in study of displacements (Author's:Maria Mrówczyńska) 31-43
5.   Chemical Fingerprinting of some Egyptiancrude oils by gas chromatography (Author's:Ashraf Yehia El-Naggar) 44-49
6.   Influence of Femtosecond Laser Pulses on Color Centers Transformations in γ – Irradiated MgF2 crystal (Author's:Lyubov Bryukvina) 50-53
7.   Causes of Rivalry among Professionals in the Nigeria‟s Construction Industry (Author's:Olanrewaju, Sharafadeen Babatunde Owolabi and Anifowose, Ojo Segun) 54-59
8.   Some Statistical Properties of the Heaviside StepFunction Based on Sign Data (Author's:Louis M. Houston) 60-65
9.   A non-invasive instrumented device for studying motor imitation in infants through grasping (Author's:Ilaria Baldoli, Francesca Cecchi, Andrea Guzzetta, Cecilia Laschi) 66-75
10.   A comparative study of the super cooling and carbonization processes of the gibbsitic Ghanaian Bauxite (Author's:Isaac Yeboaha, Emmanuel Kwasi Addaib, Francis Acquahc, Samuel Kofi Tulashiec) 76-85
11.   The Implementation of a Knowledge Management Program for the IT Department of a Major Brazilian Bank (Author's:Maurício Lyra, Raquel Brandim, Erenilda Araújo) 86-91
12.   Integral Type of Contractions under f-weak Reciprocal Continuity (Author's:Giniswamy, Maheshwari P.G.) 92-100
13.   Experimental Study on the Properties of cementconcrete using Rice Husk Ash (Author's:Gyanen.Takhelmayum, Ravi Prasad, Savitha A.L) 101-107
14.   Damage Identification in Composite Structures Due to Delamination by Vibration Characteristics- A Review (Author's:Saket Thombare, N.I. Jamadar, Dr. S.B. Kivade) 108-115
15.   Effect of copper on the properties of copper-filled PVC composite (Author's:Viraj Bhingardive, M.G.Kulthe) 116-120
16.   Increasing Pollution Status in Raipur City Due to Mechanization and Urbanisation (Author's:Krishan Pal, Nilesh Kumar Rajwade, Dilip Mishra) 121-124
17.   Prediction of Remaining Useful Life of Mechanical Components-A Review (Author's:Tushar Salunkhe, N.I. Jamadar, Dr. S. B. Kivade) 125-135
18.   Power Management and Decentralized Control of Interlinking Converter by Interfacing AC and DC Micro grids (Author's:Girija .R, Dr.Arivalahan .R) 136-146
19.   The influence of thermo-cyclical processing in the ageing of cast iron spare parts (Author's:Thoma Lice) 147-152
20.   Irrigation Control System Using WSNs and Wi-Fi module (Author's:Soumya Jose, Greeshma Liz Jose) 153-158
21.   A Symmetric Paired Shipment Algorithm with Concert Agreement for Distributed Hash Space in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (Author's:A.VIJAYARAJ , M.SHOBANA, B.SAKTHI SARAVANAN) 159-162
22.   Relativistic Velocities in Nanomaterials: Analysis of the Mean Square Deviation of Position with a new analytical Model (Author's:Paolo Di Sia) 163-168
23.   Multi-spectral diffuse reflectance imaging for detection of cervical lesions: a pilot study (Author's:V. G. Prabitha, S. Suchetha, J.L Jayanthi, P. Rema, K. V. Baiju, Nita Sukumar, Anita Mathews, Paul Sebastian, N. Subhash) 169-177
24.   Reversing Global Warming – A New and Practical Engineering Solution (Author's:John M. Dobbs, Ronald L. Huston) 178-183
25.   Through-The-Wall Propagation and Channel Modeling (Author's:G. Nagaraja,G.Balaji) 184-192
26.   Tune the Resource Provisioning & Virtual Machine Migration for Cloud Environment (Author's:Deepa Verma, R. K. Somani) 193-200
27.   Preparation and Characterization of Granular Activated Carbon from Acacia Nilotica Stalk by KOH Activation (Author's:C.B.Shivayogimath, M.N.Hiremath, Lokeshappa.B) 201-207
28.   Development of Knowledge-Base Economy Driven System in Nigeria (Author's:ARAOYE O. I.) 208-213
29.   Theoretical Modeling of Magnetic Dragging Force and Experimental Calculation Using Video Analysis (Author's:Xavier T S, Amritha Krishnan B) 214-222
30.   On Evaluating e-Recruitment Maturity with a Typology of Its Methods (Author's:Jacek Woźniak) 223-232
31.   A Survey on TCP Westwood (Author's:S.Thilagavathi, J.Vanitha) 233-237
32.   Theoretical Analysis of Drawing Stresses in Hydro forming Process (Author's:Dr.R.Uday Kumar, Dr.P.Ravinder Reddy, Dr.A.V.SitaRamaraju) 238-247
33.   Performance of Community Based Forest Management on Reducing Threats Under Terai Arc Landscape Program, Nepal (Author's:Ram Prasad Lamsal, Bikash Adhikari, Sanjay Nath Khanal) 248-256
34.   Batch Adsorption of Fluoride Using Low Cost Adsorbents Prepared From Corncob and Acacia Nilotica Stalk by KOH Activation (Author's:C.B.Shivayogimath, M.N.Hiremath, Lokeshappa) 257-273
35.   An Intelligent and High Efficiency Street Lighting System Isle based on Raspberry-Pi Card, ZigBee Sensor Network and Photovoltaic energy (Author's:Fabio Leccese, Marco Cagnetti) 274-285
36.   Development and evaluation of novel insect-based milk substitute (Author's:Ruzalia Ulanova, Irina Kravchenko) 286-291
37.   Physico–Chemical Analysis of Water to Avert the Adverse Impact on Human Health (Author's:DR. RATNA ROY) 292-297
38.   Biodegradable Barometric Endoradiosonde for Biotelemetry Applications (Author's:Valerio F. Annese, Daniela De Venuto, Christopher Martin, David R.S. Cumming) 298-306
39.   PRE A*-ALGEBRA AND CONGRUENCERELATION (Author's:Dr.Y.PRAROOPA, K.Moses, A.Shou Reddy) 307-312
40.   Corporate Social Entrepreneurship and Collectivist Personal Values (Author's:Areej Alshehri, Christian Bach) 313-319
41.   Implementation of Variable Step Size MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic System on FPGA Circuit (Author's:Justin Baby, Jibin M Varghese) 320-326
42.   Earthquake Resistant Design- Impact on Cost of Reinforced Concrete Buildings (Author's:Karunakar Perla) 327-336
43.   The Geometer’s Sketchpad Education on Moddle (Author's:JALE PEK Orkun MERS NOĞULLARI, Osman Gazi YILDIRIM, Pelin ÖZMÜġ, Saliha Handan DUYMAZ, Tansel TEPE, UlaĢ L C) 337-346
44.   Location Estimation of GSM user Using Enhanced Tringularisation Method with Implementation of RF Fingure Printing (Author's:Jyoti Kushwaha) 347-351
45.   Fuzzy Incremental Conductance for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System (Author's:Ratna Ika Putri, Sapto Wibowo, M. Rifa’i, Taufik) 352-359
46.   Experimental and Numerical Study on Performance of Air Filters for Diesel Engine (Author's:B.PAVAN KUMAR GOUD , DR.S.CHAKRADHARA GOUD) 360-372
47.   Partnership Levels between Salman bin Abdul-Aziz University and Non-governmental Organizations NGOs as Perceived by Local Community Members (Author's:Dr. Amira Mohammad Hammouri) 373-388
48.   Sensitivity and Misalignment Analysis of MIG for 120 GHz, 3MW Gyrotron (Author's:Manoj Kumar Sharma , Mahesh Kumar Porwal) 389-393
49.   State of Biodiversity in Abu Gaeli Reserved Forest-Sinnar State (Author's:Dr. Ismail Mohamed Fangama Abdalla) 394-400
50.   An Electroencephalogram Assistive Computer Interface with Fuzzy Schmitt Trigger Algorithm for Disabilities (Author's:Chung-Min Wu, Ming-Che Hsieh) 401-410
51.   Market Reaction Associated with Information Availability (Author's:Fabio Gallo Garcia, Ariel Sebbag, Elmo Tambosi Filho) 411-429
52.   Ideal Thick Lenses (Author's:Alexander Ivanovich Milanich) 430-433
53.   Design and Simulation of Smart Antenna Array Using Adaptive Beam forming Method (Author's:R. Evangilin Beulah, N.Aneera Vigneshwari) 434-441
54.   Effect of Vermicompost on the growth of Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch) plant and standardization of micro propagation of elite germplasm (Author's:Manikuntala Bhandari and Subhash Kanti Roy) 442-449
55.   Strategic Techniques for Enhancing Web Services Security in Cloud Computing Model (Author's:Alo .U. Rita and Nweke .F. Henry) 450-460
56.   Researches long-wave fundamental absorption edge and the thermodynamic density of states (Author's:G.Gulyamov, N.Yu.Sharibaev, U.I.Erkaboev) 461-464
57.   Effect of variable strain on the concentration of excess electrons in semiconductors (Author's:G.Gulyamov, M.G.Dadamirzaev) 465-468
58.   Torque Estimation via Linear Quadratic Regulator and Controller Design to a Mobile Robot (Author's:B. B. Salmerón-Quiroz, G. Villegas-Medina, J.F. Guerrero-Castellanos, S. A. Rodriguez-Paredes, C. F. Juárez Carrillo)
59.   Experimental and Numerical Analyses of the Behavior of Rammed Stone Columns Installed in a South African Soft Soil (Author's:Ruben Aza-Gnandji, Denis Kalumba) 477-499
60.   Modelling of Complex Shear Flow Structure in Pipelines (Author's:Kharlamov Sergey, Alginov Roman) 500-509
61.   Experimental Analysis of Gasifier using Municipal Solid Wastes (Author's:Rohit Shintre, Dr. L. D. Jadhav, M. M. Wagh, N. N. Shinde) 510-513
62.   Dispersion Compensation Using FBG and DCF in 120 Gbps WDM System (Author's:Gagandeep Singh, Jyoti Saxena and Gagandeep Kaur) 514-519
63.   µC-Traffic: an Application for Law Traffic Enforcement (Author's:Rahmalia Syahputri, Sriyanto, Ikhwan Gunadi) 520-525
64.   Effect of rake angles and material properties on chip formation: A Review (Author's:Kundan Kumar Singh, Mayank joshi, Anurag Bahuguna, Rajesh Pant) 526-530
65.   Thermal conductivity enhancement of stearic acid using expanded graphite for low temperature thermal storage (Author's:Abhay Dinker, Madhu Agarwal) 531-536
66.   A Risk Selection method under Budget Constraint (Author's:A. Gonen) 537-548
67.   A Cognitive Filter (Author's:Louis M. Houston) 549-555
68.   A Method for the Creation of Normative Paediatric Skull Models: a Pilot Study (Author's:M.L. Tolhuisen, G.A. de Jong, J.W. Meulstee,F. van der Heijden, H. Delye) 556-561
69.   Study on Strength Characteristics of Vibro vacuumised Concrete Cylinders with Hollow Section (Author's:Dr. Ihor Shumakov, Dr. Yunis Bashyr, Anatolii Hontar) 562-567
70.   The Evidence of the Cosmic Energy Gravitational Genesis of the Possible Forthcoming Geomagnetic Reversal of theMagnetic Field of the Earth (Author's:Sergey Victorovich Simonenko) 568-585
71.   Radiation Doses Arising From Depleted Uranium Shells (Author's:MOHAMMED ELDAGHMAH) 586-592
72.   Time-Variant Flexural Reliability of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges Strengthened bymeans of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Author's:David Bigaud, Osama Ali, Abderafi Charki) 593-624
73.   A Mathematical Weibull Model for Blunted Growth Hormone Response to Maximal Exercise in Middle –Aged Versus Young Subjects and No Effect of Endurance Training (Author's:S.Lakshmi and A. Manickam) 625-631
74.   Comparative Study of Static Structural Analysis of a Shock Absorber for Different Material (Author's:Suresh Raddy, Thontaraj Urs T.S.) 632-641
75.   Yield gap analysis of sorghum through Front Line Demonstrations in Tribal area of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh (Author's:A.Srinivas, V.Govardhan Rao, and V. Jyothi swaroopa) 642-646