International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 3,Issue 5, September 2014

Name of Research Article (Volume 3 Issue 5, September 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
A Review of the Conference and Session Chairpersons Functions (Author's:Trevor Neville Haas)
2.   Consideration of contractual procedures and project-related risk for evaluating Severity Index;―A Knowledge System –based Acquisition, Reasoning approaches‖ (Author's:Alaa A. R. Fathy, Hesham M. Osman, Nabil A.B.Yehia, Tarek H. Hamed, Sherif M.El-Haggan) 8-27
3.   Experimental liquid-liquid equilibrium data for the ternary systems: (chloroform-acetic acid- water) and (water-acetic acid-ethyl acetate) and its reliability (Author's:I.H. Alamin, G. A. Gasmelseed , M.A Ahmed) 28-33
4.   Prediction of Residual Stress and Welding Deformation in Butt-weld Joint for Different Clamped Position on the Plates (Author's:Reenal Ritesh Chand, Ill Soo Kim, Qian Qian Wu, Bong yong Kang and JiYeon Shim) 34-44
5.   Optimal Robust Control Design of Fuzzy Mechanical Systems (Author's:Shengchao Zhen, Kang Huang, Han Zhao, Bin Deng, Ye-Hwa Chen) 45-67
6.   Using Strain Deformation Measurements to Study the Mechanical Behavior of Butyl/ Organo-modified Nanoclay Composites (Author's:S. N. Lawandy, A. A. Abd-ElMageed, S. F. Halim) 68-76
7.   Unconventional encryption algorithms (Author's:Bogdanov M.R., Zakharov A.V., Gabidullin Ju.Z., Dumchikov A.A.) 77-81
8.   Signal and Noise in Set Theory (Author's:Louis M. Houston) 82-85
9.   A Robust Reduced Order Mathematical Model for Lithium Ion Batteries (Author's:Roger Painter, Christian Staples, Lonnie Sharpe, S Keith Hargrove) 86-94
10.   Interaction, Parings, and decoupling of sour water stripping unit (Author's:S. O .AlhagAli, G.A.Gasmelseed, I.H.Elamin) 95-113
11.   Using Virtual Labs in Online Wireless Networking Classes (Author's:Qi Zhu) 114-120
12.   Biotreatment of acidic and high iron containing groundwater for aquaculture using plantain (Musa paradisiaca) tissues (Author's:Elijah .I. Ohimain, Tariwari C.N. Angaye,Asuodinii A. Oduah) 121-126
13.   New Approach to Three Phase Fault Formulationand Computations (Author's:Saeed A. Al-Ghamdi) 127-130
14.   Effects of Temperature and fermentation period on the recovery of second grade palm oil from palm press fiber (Author's:Sylvester Chibueze Izah, Asuodini A. Oduah, Elijah Ige Ohimain) 131-138
15.   Prospects of the Nigerian wheat transformation agenda (Author's:Elijah I. Ohimain) 139-143
16.   Power and Performance Analysis of 3D Speculative Router Based Network on Chip with Low Power Encoding Techniques (Author's:A.Vino Vilmet Rose, Dr.R.Seshasayanan Ramachandran) 144-152
17.   Consumers Attitude towards Online Shopping (Author's:Rekha Verma, Agift Aimol) 153-157
18.   Parallel Processing of Internet Traffic Measurement and Analysis Using Hadoop (Author's:Dipti J. Suryawanshi, U. A. Mande) 158-163
19.   Comparative study for the application of DSP processor and Microcontroller for PV systems (Author's:Subramanya Bhat, Nagaraja H N) 164-170
20.   Enhanced MBC (mobility-based clustering) protocol for wireless AD-hoc networks (Author's:Divya Rai, Anil. S. Hiwale) 171-175
21.   A comparative study of meiotic chromosomes from three different species of short horned grasshopper (Author's:Tarali Kalita and Karabi Dutta) 176-180
22.   Neural Network Based Equalization of Rayleigh Fading Channel (Author's:Manish Mahajan, Deepak Pancholi, A.C. Tiwari) 181-185
23.   Bioactivity of crude extracts of Carissa carandas Linn. extracted in polar and non polar solvents (Author's:Meenakshi Fartyal, Padma Kumar) 186-191
24.   Solid Particle Impact Erosion of Polymer Matrix Composites- A Critical Review (Author's:Parmeshwar S. Patil, Dr. S. B. Kivade) 192-200
25.   Vibration based damage inspection in composite structures- A critical review (Author's:N. I. Jamadar, Dr. S. B. Kivade, Dr. K. K Dhande and SudhakaraRao Pedada) 201-208
26.   Performance and Emission Evaluation of Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fuelled with Rubber Seed Oil (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru, Chandragowda M, Manjunatha K, Nagaraj Basavantappa Hugar) 209-216
27.   Effects of sesame oil and olive oil on the plasma total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein cholesterol of guineapig (Author's:B.Kalita, D.Kusre, K.C.Bhuyan) 217-221
28.   Modelling of Contaminant Transport from Landfills (Author's:Archana Chawla, Dr. S.K. Singh) 222-227
29.   Study of Ion Percolation to Shallow Aquifers (Author's:A. Kaur , Meenu S. Sachan & H. S. Sahota) 228-231
30.   Feasibility of tea waste as an adsorbent for defluoridation of water (Author's:S.S. Mokashi, A.S.Parlikar) 232-238
31.   Different Methods of Calculating Static Characteristics of Switched Reluctance Machine used for Alternator-Generator (Author's:Sihem Saidani, Moez Ghariani) 239-250
32.   The influence of e-Participation on e-Filing Participation: A Study of Citizen Adoption on e-Government Services (Author's:Lim Ai Ling, Maslin Masrom, Sabariyah Din) 251-260
33.   Validation study of the MEM – Metacognitive E-learning system Model (Author's:Maria Canţer) 261-267
34.   Studies on Packed Bed Treatment for Organic Matter in Distillery Effluent (Author's:Pallavi Amale, Sunil Kulkarni, Kavita Kulkarni) 268-272
35.   A Review of Factors Affecting the Composition of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate (Author's:Bikash Adhikari, Khet Raj Dahal, Sanjay Nath Khanal) 273-281
36.   Development of the vehicle rear view visibility evaluation model of Recreational Vehicle (RV) (Author's:Minho Song, Sungyong Ahn, Peter Kang, Peom Park) 282-295
37.   Selection of Materials for Temporary Structures Elements (Author's:Shpresa Caslli) 296-305
38.   The Right Culture- Backbone of Six Sigma Success “Industrial Engineering & Management” (Author's:Dr. Suresh Kumar Babbar, Rupinder Singh Kanwar, Karan Luthra) 306-310
39.   Study of electrical conductivities of lead free BaSr4LaTi3V7O30 compound (Author's:B. B. Mohantya , P.S. Sahooa , J panda and R.N.P.Choudhary) 311-314
40.   Causal Generalization of the Ohm's Law in Transient Phenomena Quasi-static (Author's:Nelson Falcón, Orión Falcón, Fabián Robledo) 315-322
41.   Power Quality Enhancement of Standard IEEE14 Bus System using Unified Power Flow Controller (Author's:Shraddha S. Khonde, S. S. Dhamse, Dr. A. G. Thosar) 323-334
42.   A Mathematical Model of the fluid flow in Circular Cross-sectional Open Channels (Author's:V.N. Ojiambo, M. N. Kinyanjui, D. M. Theuri, P. R. Kiogora, K. Giterere) 335-343
43.   Simplified modeling and dynamic analysis for servo press machine (Author's:Takanori Yamazaki, Akihiro Watanabe) 344-348
44.   Photostability enhancement of Methyl orange by intercalation into hydrotalcite, and its dyeing on cotton (Author's:Yusmaniar) 349-354
45.   Design and Development of Test Collector Used in a Gun-Collector module for MIG testing of 42 GHz, 200 kW Gyrotron (Author's:SK Sharma,Sudha Gupta, Udaybir Singh, Naveen Sahu, Narendra Shekhawat, Deepak Srivastava, HasinaKhatun, MK Alaria, PK Jain and AK Sinha) 355-362
46.   The Use of Glycolysis products of Poly (ethylene terphthalate) waste as a Compatibilzer for SBR / EPDM Blend. I- In Presence of Carbon Black and Paraffinic Oil (Author's:S.F. Halim, S. H. El-Sabbagh, M. E. Tawfik) 363-372
47.   Research on energy consumption in the city. A system of modelling potential for energy effectiveness using artificial intelligence (Author's:Maria Mrówczyńska, Abdrahman Alsabry, Marta Skiba, Anna Bazan - Krzywoszańska) 373-384
48.   Modified Booth Multiplier Based Low-Cost FIR Filter Design (Author's:Shelja Jose, Shereena Mytheen) 385-392
49.   Optimization of operational parameters of self propelled groundnut digger (Author's:Mareppa, N.B , M. Veerangouda , Vijayakumar Palled , Prakash K.V , Sunil Shirwal , M. Anantachar , Rudragouda Chilur) 393-401
50.   Erosion Mechanisms of API X42 and AISI 1018 Steel Materials at Normal Impact Angle (Author's:Okonkwo Paul C, A.M.A Mohamed) 402-407
51.   Business Process Management (BPM) and Logistics - A systematic review of the scientific literature by 2014 in the main international journals on Production Engineering (Author's:Diego Milnitz, Fernanda Latrônico da Silva, Álvaro Guillermo Rojas Lezana) 408-417
52.   Investigation of p-CuInGaSe2/n-Cd1-xZnxS heterojunctions obtained by electrochemical deposition (Author's:M.A.Jafarov, E.F.Nasirov) 418-424
53.   Impact of Waste on Environment at Kerrey area-Khartoum State (Author's:Dr. Ismail Mohamed Fangama Abdalla) 425-428
54.   Level, Trend Load Forecasting of 33/11KV Substation (Author's:A.Anvesh, T.Charan Singh, M.Maheswara Rao) 429-444
55.   Heart Rate Assessment Robot (HRAR) (Author's:Syed Ali Shahbaz) 445-451
56.   Matlab /Simlink based closed Loop Control of Bi-Directional DC - DC Converter (Author's:S. Preethi, I Mahendiravarman, A. Ragavendiran, M. Arunprakash) 452-460