International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2014

Name of Research Article (Volume 3 Issue 4, July 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Existence and Blowup Behavior of Global Strong Solutions Navier-Stokes (Author's:A.A. Durmagambetov, L.S. Fazilova)
2.   Security Measures taken in Securing Data Transmission on Wireless LAN (Author's:AGWU C. O., ACHI I. I., OKECHUKWU O.) 10-14
3.   Existence of Quasi-Convex Solution in Nonlinear Programming (Author's:OKPARA, P.A., AGWU C. O. EFFOR T.E.) 15-19
4.   Application of Wireless Experimental Fuzzy Temperature Control Using MATLAB/Simulink (Author's:Adnan ALDEMİR, Ayla ALTINTEN, Zehra ZEYBEK, Mustafa ALPBAZ) 20-27
5.   High shear capillary viscometer with continuously varying pressure drop: Fast rheological test of coal-water slurry (CWS) (Author's:R. M. Digilov F., Kirzhner, I. Konstantinov) 28-35
6.   Effects on Diffusion by Relativistic Motion in Nanomaterials (Author's:Paolo Di Sia) 36-41
7.   Temperature Oscillation and Frequency of a Capillary Driven Heat Pipe with Reservoir (Author's:Feng Li, Wei Qu, Bangcheng Ai) 42-49
8.   New non-toxic and secure technology for gold leaching by organic base polythionates (Author's:Vainshtein, M., Smolyaninov, V., Shekhvatova, G) 50-57
9.   Explanation of Newton´s laws with simple and accessible experiments to anyone (Author's:J. Vila, C.J. Sierra) 58-64
10.   Some emission control techniques in glass processing plant (Author's:Gurjeet Sarao and Nitaigour Mahalik) 65-71
11.   Face sketch photo synthesis (Author's:Shweta Gandhi, Dr.D.M.Yadav) 72-76
12.   Performance Analysis of Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Noise and Cross Phase Modulation (XPM) in Optical System (Author's:Ajay Singh, Jitender Khurana) 77-85
13.   Performance Analysis of Wireless OFDM System Using Raptor Codes with different Modulation (Author's:Kuldeep Singh, Jitender Khurana) 86-91
14.   BDD for Implementation of Packet Filter Firewall and Detecting Phishing Websites (Author's:Naresh Shende S. K. Shinde) 92-97
15.   Randomized Distributed Space Time Codes Using Nakagami-M Fading Channels in Wireless Communication (Author's:Saksham Rathee, Anil Dudy) 98-106
16.   Performance Appraisal - An Unavoidable Human Resource (Author's:C.Swarnalatha,S.Tephillah Vasantham) 107-110
17.   Hydro geological and Geomorphometric Characteristics of Dhamuda Nala Watershed, Parbhani District, Maharshtra, India (Author's:Bochare Krishna S., Bamne Arjun M., Bawri Hardeepkaur S.C., Jadhav Snehal, Muley R.B. and Md. Babar) 111-123
18.   A Novel Method of Image Restoration by using Different Types of Filtering Techniques (Author's:Anamika Maurya, Rajinder Tiwari) 124-129
19.   Ensemble Techniques ToIncrease Classification Accuracy (ETICA) (Author's:Tiruveedula GopiKrishna) 130-138
20.   An Efficient Image Encryption System (Author's:Narinder Kaur, Kumar Saurabh) 139-142
21.   G 652 B Single Mode OFC based Optical Network for Railway Telecommunication System (Author's:Prajwalasimha S N) 143-150
22.   Analysis of Dynamic Channel Allocation based on Blocking Probability for Cellular Networks (Author's:Remika Ngangbam ,Pragati Singh ,F. Lalrinfeli) 151-157
23.   IN-SIlico Docking Analysis of Sterculia Lychnophora Compounds against Proteins Causing Alzheimer’s Disease (Author's:Pooja Shetty, Anuradha Palve, Mukesh Pimpliskar, R. N. Jadhav, Pramod Shinde) 158-164
24.   Performance Analysis of WiMAX Systems for Zigzag-Coded Modulation Scheme (Author's:Divya Jain, Praveen Patidar, A.C Tiwari) 165-172
25.   Model for accurate Sensor Node Localization using MCB with Speed & Direction calculation (Author's:Vinod Kumar, Amit Kumar, Satyendra Yadav) 173-179
26.   Comparative Analysis of ZF and MMSE Receiver for Multicode MC-CDMA Downlink Channels (Author's:Upasna Katare,Praveen Patidar,A.C. Tiwari) 180-185
27.   PAPR Reduction in Multi-Carrier Transmission Based on Partial Transmit Sequence (Author's:Deepika, Rajiv Dahiya) 186-193
28.   Evaluation of enhanced growth for Raphanus sativus cv. newar on addition of growth supplements in certain area of the Jaunpur city (Author's:Preeti Tiwari, Pratibha Naithani and Rajan Kumar Gupta) 194-198
29.   Analysis of Stresses in Microdrills (Author's:Md. Irfan, Dr. Syed Nawazish Mehdi, Dr. N. Seetharamaiah, S. Irfan Sadaq, Md. Abdul Raheem Junaidi) 199-205
30.   Zinc Sulphide nanomaterials doped with rare earth Neodymium -An Optical study (Author's:George Varughese,K.T Usha,A.S Kumar) 206-212
31.   CMC Based T-Statcom with Modified Selective Swapping (Author's:Vamsipriya.B, Hemavathi.C.R, Jayakrishna.G) 213-221
32.   Performance analysis and FPGA Implementation of Radix-2 and Radix-4 CORDIC (Author's:Prateek A Magdum, Bhagyalaxmi R Honnakasturi, J.M. Rudagi) 222-231
33.   Optimal Design of Digital Differentiator Using Simulated Annealing (Author's:Pooja, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 232-239
34.   A Practical Approach in Creating a Communication Channel for Industrial Environment (Author's:Dacian Zainea, Radu Mihai Campeanu) 240-249
35.   A Hybrid Method to Improve Forecasting Accuracy - An Introduction of a Day of the Week Index (Author's:Kazuhiro Takeyasu, Keiko Imura) 250-262
36.   Enhanced and Efficient Image Retrieval via Saliency Feature and Visual Attention (Author's:Anand K. Hase, Baisa L. Gunjal) 263-268
37.   Design and Control of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace for Silicon Melting (Author's:Uma Kulkarni, Sushant Jadhav, Mahantesh Magadum) 269-276
38.   Implementation of Five Level Buck Converter for High Voltage Application (Author's:Manu.N.R, V.Nattarasu) 277-286
39.   How to Avoid Common Presentation Mistakes at International Conferences (Author's:Trevor Neville Haas) 287-294
40.   Performance Analysis of Space-Time Trellis Coding (STTC) based on Maximal Ratio Combining and Equal Gain Combining diversity Techniques (Author's:Neelam Yadav, Neeraj Kumar, Neeraj Rathi) 295-301
41.   Interactive Software Quality as a tool for simplified accounting (SICS), educational resource in the classroom with Invisible learning (Author's:Ana Luisa Ramírez Roja, Juan Pedro Benítez Guadarrama) 302-312
42.   Inter-Channel Interference (ICI) Removal based on MMSE and LMS Equalizer in Communication System (Author's:Nisha, Rambir, Sandeep Kumar) 313-319
43.   Fast Arithmetic Operations with QSD using Verilog HDL (Author's:M Naveen krishna and T Ravisekhar) 320-328
44.   Comparison of Various Algorithms for Face Matching and Retrieval in Forensic Applications (Author's:N.LAVANYADEVI) 329-335
45.   Polarimetric Hyper spectral Imaging: Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (Author's:Supriya P. Gaikwad, Vijay R. Dahake) 336-345
46.   Design of a high level protocol for Serial Peripheral Interface and its implementation in a CAN controller IC (Author's:Shilpa Mayannavar, Ashwini Desai, Dr. U. V. Wali) 346-353
47.   Development of EDA Tool with Easy Plugin for New VLSI Algorithms (Author's:Ashwini Desai, Ashwini Baligatti, Harsha Pal, Savita Y. Barker, Uday Wali) 354-359
48.   Special state machine based on Dynamic Lattice Liquid model (Author's:Jaroslaw Jung, Piotr Polanowski, Rafal Kielbik) 360-367
49.   Effect of Drying on Some Anti-Nutritional Factors Present In Bitter Cassava (Manihot Utilisima) and Sweet Cassava (Manihot Palmata) (Author's:Amira, P. Olaniyi; Daramola, A. Success and Atolani, S. Temitope) 368-372
50.   Synthesis and Characterization of Some New N, O and S Containing Chlorosubstituted Heterocycles and Their Antimicrobial Screening against Some Common Causative Organisms (Author's:N. G. Ghodile, P. R. Rajput) 373-377
51.   Reverse Logistics, Green Supply Chain & Carbon trading (Author's:Neha Asthana, Vishal Krishna Prasad) 378-382
52.   Design and Implementation of Arbiter schemes for SDRAM on FPGA (Author's:Priyanka C. Sankpal, Arun S. Tigadi, Dr. Hansraj Guhilot) 383-390
53.   Simulation Performance Optimization of Virtual Prototypes (Author's:Sammidi Mounika, B S Renuka) 391-395
54.   Specification Based Intrusion Detection Engine for Securing MANETs (Author's:Mahesh R. Gosavi, E. Jayanthi) 396-401
55.   Nonlinear Evaluation of Passive Optical Networks (PON) Based on Optical Nonlinearity (Author's:Amrit Singh Bhatia, Sanjay Kumar) 402-409
56.   Measuring instrument learning styles to optimize the teaching of mathematics in university students (Author's:Rosa Graciela Castro Carrera, Magally Martínez Reyes) 410-416
57.   Transformed Based Secured Watermarking Of Image Signal (Author's:Huma Vohra, Rajiv Dahiya) 417-425
58.   Studies on electrical properties of PVA: NiBr2 complexed polymer electrolyte films for battery applications (Author's:S.Bhavani, M.Ravi, V.V.R.Narasimha Rao) 426-434
59.   Review of Image compression Techniques Based on Orthogonal Transforms (Author's:Monika Rathee, Alka Vij) 435-440
60.   Census based selection process of areas with heterogeneous population distribution (Author's:Said Rücker Patricia, Chiapello Jorge, Rey Celmira, Gallesio Telva) 441-448
61.   The Adsorption Character of Zeolites, Type 4a, Obtained By Natural Raw Trepel Bitola R. Macedonia (Author's:Blagica Cekova, Blagoj Pavlovski , Vesna Markoska, Arianit Reka) 449-454
62.   Superconductivity in Transition Metal DopedNanotubes (Author's:Raminder Gill) 455-459
63.   Implementation of Database Synchronization Technique between Client and Server (Author's:Naveen Malhotra, Anjali Chaudhary) 460-465
64.   Suspension less, Displacement based, Road Power Generation System (RPGS) (Author's:N.Ravi Sankar Varma, Y.Sandeep, P.Prudhvi Raju, M.SRINADH  , Ch.Bhanu Prakash) 466-472
65.   Study of Blast Furnace Slag for Improving Mechanical Property of Concrete (Author's:Sujata D. nandagawali, Dr. N. R. Dhamge) 473-477
66.   Effect of Equatorial Ionospheric Horizontal Gradient to DGPS positioning (Author's:Nabila Sa‟at, Karthigesu Nagarajoo) 478-485
67.   Design of Quadrature Mirror Filter: A Survey (Author's:Roopali Sharma, Alka Vij) 486-491
68.   Low-cost Activated Carbon Materials Produced from Used Coffee Grounds for Electric Double-layer Capacitors (Author's:Nobuhito Kamikuri, Yoshihiro Hamasuna, Daisuke Tashima, Masumi Fukuma, Seiji Kumagai, John D. W. Madden) 492-501
69.   Applications of Carbon Capture and Storage in Enhanced Oil Recovery in UAE (Author's:Dhruv Advani, Fadi A. Ghaith) 502-511
70.   A Secret Sharing Scheme Based on aSymmetric (v, k, ) Design (Author's:Selda Çalkavur) 512-514
71.   Building The Resilience of Community to Disaster: Case Study of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria (Author's:Taiwo David Olugbenga, Adebayo Abimbola Adedayo) 515-521
72.   Air Impurity Measurement System (Author's:Komal Awasthi, M. D. Kokate) 522-528
73.   Effect of rare earth doping on structural, magnetic, electrical properties of magnesium ferrite and its catalytic activity (Author's:Smitha Thankachan, Manju Kurian, Divya S Nair, Sheena Xavier, E M Mohammed) 529-537
74.   Applications of Virtual Reality (Author's:Dhruv Pahuja, Dipti Bhardwaj, Manohar Kumar) 538-542
75.   The Fusion Approaches of Matching Forensic Sketch – Photo to Apprehend Criminals by using LFDA framework (Author's:Dipeeka S. Mukane,S. M. Hundiwale,Pravin U. Dere) 543-553
76.   Understanding Significant Value of Rhododendron arboreum Smith Scarleti of Sikkim, India (Author's:Laydong Lepcha, B.C. Basistha, Sushen Pradhan, K.B. Subba, Rajdeep Gurung, N.P. Sharma) 554-559
77.   An automatic recognition of fake Indian paper currency note using MATLAB (Author's:Binod Prasad Yadav, C. S. Patil, R. R. Karhe, P.H Patil) 560-566
78.   Pathway Transform Associated with H-Function and General Class of Polynomials (Author's:Neeti Ghiya) 567-572
79.   Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template and its Reflection in Living Faith Church, Goshen City, ISP Services (Author's:Adefunminiyi, Aremu, Morakinyo) 573-578
80.   MIRS: Text Based and Content Based Image Retrieval (Author's:Trupti S. Atre, K.V.Metre) 579-584
81.   Low Power CMOS Flash ADC (Author's:C Mohan, T Ravisekhar) 585-590
82.   Defluoridation of water using Alumim pregnated brick powder and its comparison with brick powder (Author's:Abhas Jain, S.K. Singh) 591-596
83.   Traffic and Distance dependent Energy Efficient Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Tanvi Sood) 597-606
84.   Evaluation of the Structural, Optical, Thermal, Mechanical and NLO properties of Cadmium Chloride incorporated Thiosemicarbazide crystal- A Potential material for optical and Second harmonic generation applications (Author's:J. Thomas Joseph Prakash, J. Martin Sam Gnanaraj) 607-614
85.   Survey on Data Cleaning (Author's:Prerna S.Kulkarni, Dr. J.W.Bakal) 615-620
86.   W/Mo-doped TiO2 for photo catalytic degradation of methylene blue (Author's:Rokhsareh Akbarzadeha, Sirus Javadpoura) 621-629
87.   2 KeV Filters of quasi-mono-energetic neutrons (Author's:A.Saleh, M. Adib, N.Habib, I.I.Bashter, M.Fathallah and M. S. El-Mesiry) 630-638
88.   Vampire Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:Jose Anand, K. Sivachandar) 639-644
89.   Menu Driven Guide in Field of Geotechnology (Author's:GREESHMA Nizy Eujine,LAMANTO T Somervell, Dr. N SANKAR) 645-649
90.   Innovative Front Line Demonstrations to Enhance Cotton Income through Integrated Pest Management (Author's:SHASHIKUMAR, S., SHWETA, BIRADAR2, RAVI BELLI) 650-654
91.   Rank Aggregation of Search Engine Results (Author's:Sanchit Sapra) 655-669
92.   Design of an Intelligent Auto Traffic Signal Controller with Emergency Override (Author's:Geetha.E, V.Viswanadha, Kavitha.G) 670-675
93.   Experimental Investigation of Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Methanol (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru , Manjunatha K, Chandragowda M, Shivashankara Gouda) 676-685
94.   Performance & emission of Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Ethanol (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru , Manjunatha K, Chandragowda M, Lohit H A) 686-695
95.   Experimental Study on Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminates (Author's:R.Rajeshguna, K.Suguna, P.N.Raghunath) 696-705
96.   Multilayer Codes for Joint Single Decoding Using Iterative Algorithm (Author's:G.Annalakshmi, K.Rajkumar, I.Arivazhagan, M.Arulaalan) 706-710
97.   Investigation on Specific Absorption Rate for Handset Antenna with Electromagnetic Band Gap structure Background (Author's:Anoob B, Unni C, S. Suresh Babu) 711-719
98.   Structural and Dielectric Properties of Nanocrystalline Barium Rare-Earth Antimonates Ba2RESbO6 (RE = La, Ho, Yb, Tm) Perovskites (Author's:V. Manikantan Nair, Linda Jacob, P. R. S. Wariar, R. Jose) 720-728
99.   Effect of % solution concentration pretreatment on weight loss of Thompson seedless grapes (Author's:Priyanka Desai, Vijay Doijad, Nishikant Shinde) 729-734
100.   Performance & emission of C I Engine Using Diesel & Ethanol blended with linseed oil (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru, Manjunatha K, Chandragowda M, Basavaprakash B) 735-742
101.   The Impact of CMMI Levels 2 and 3 Practices on Process Maturity in Canadian Software Development Firms (Author's:Delroy Chevers) 743-751
102.   Effect of Turbulence and Diesel Swirl Injection on Engine Performance and Emissions in CI Engine (Author's:Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru , Kullaya Swamy K B) 752-762
103.   Frequency Reconfigurable CPW Antenna for Various Wireless Applications (Author's:Jibu George, Sreekumari Amma P) 763-773
104.   Positron annihilation measurements in as-grown and alpha irradiated undoped Indium Phosphide (Author's:Sandip Pan, Arunava Mandal, Anirban Roychowdhury, Asmita Sengupta) 774-782
105.   Flax Retting Wastewater Part 2.Microbial Growth and Biodegradation Kinetics (Author's:Randa M. Osman, Azza I. Hafez, Maaly A. Khedr) 783-791
106.   Effect of fillers on the longevity of the plastic infused mining wire ropes (Author's:Sheila Devasahayam, Veena Sahajwalla, Michael Sng) 792-807
107.   Efficient multibeam sonar calibration and performance evaluation (Author's:Yannick Perrota, Patrice Brehmer, Gildas Roudaut, Peter Gerstoft, and Erwan Josse) 808-820
108.   Instrument for the Evaluation of Learning Objects (IELO) (Author's:Ariana Chávez Estrada, Magally Martínez Reyes) 821-826
109.   Seasonal variations in heavy metal contamination of surface water in vicinity of industries and Western Yamuna Canal of Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), India (Author's:Manju Sharma, Smita Chaudhry) 827-836
110.   Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of a CI engine Using Karanja oil Methyl Ester as a biodiesel with Tyre Pyrolysis Blends (Author's:R.SenthilKumar, M.Prabu, M.Sukumar) 837-849
111.   Deterioration of Biodiversity in Lamboua Nile Reserved Forest Sinnar State, Sudan (Author's:Dr. Ismail Mohamed Fangama Abdalla) 850-852