International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 3,Issue 3,May 2014

 S.N. Name of Research Article (Volume 3 Issue 3, May 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Liveable Cities: Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Makers in Nigeria (Author's:Taiwo, David Olugbenga,Olajide, Sunday Emmanuel)
2. Equilibrium model of the gasification process of agro-industrial wastes for energy production (Author's:Marcelo Echegaray, Rosa Rodríguez, María Rosa Castro) 6-17
3. Study of Wavelet Based Medical Image Compression Techniques (Author's:B.Nassiri, R.Latif, A .Toumanari, A. Bssis, S.Elouaham, K.EL mansouri, F. Maoulainine) 18-25
4. Issues of Web-Based Monitoring Implementation in Higher Education (Author's:Оlga Cherednichenko, Olha Yanholenko, Iryna Liutenko, Abdugani Norbutaev) 26-31
5. Plasma-Chemical Production of Silicon for Photovoltaic Power Generation (Author's:S.V. Petrov, D.I. Rubets, Yu.A. Honcharuk, E.P. Kolesnikova, V.A. Zhovtyansky) 32-40
6. Air Pollution from Vehicles and Their Effect on Human Health in Urban Areas (Author's:Asllan Hajderi, Ledia Bozo) 41-47
7. Applying Volumetric Methods in Defining two Parameters of Fracture Caused by Internal Pressure in Gas Pipelines (Withdraw from publication)  48-56
8. Latching Scheme in Multiple-Valued Recharged Logic (Author's:Omid Mirmotahari, Yngvar Berg) 57-72
9. Data Acquisitions in Systems Lighting (Author's:Laurentiu Marian Stancu, Valentin Dogaru Ulieru) 73-78
10. Study of Network Length reduction using the Fermat-Torricelli Point (Author's:K.L. Katsifarakis, G. Lavrentiadis) 79-86
11. Innovative high performance two-wheeled sport vehicles: an energy and environmental comparison study (Author's:Michela Vellini, Marco Gambini) 87-99
12. An Educational Software for the Analysis and Synthesis of CAM Mechanism (Author's:Miranda Kullolli, Ardit Gjeta, Alfred Hasanaj) 100-107
13. Cotton Stalks Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composites: Comparison of Experimental Data and Calculated Tensile Strength and Elastic Modulus (Author's:Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Seedahmed) 108-115
14. The Temporal Uncertainty of a Message (Author's:Louis M. Houston, Matthew Titsworth) 116-120
16. Evaluation and Improvement of Mechanical, Thermal and Rheological Properties of Polypropylene (PP) using Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) (Author's:Muhab S. Shalby Hassanien, Dr. Ahmed I. Seedahmed) 135-141
17. Some Issues of Fluorescence Characteristics Aqueous Media via Diagnosis of Laser Spectroscopy Method (Author's:Nugzar Gomidze, Kakha Makharadze, Miranda Khajishvili, Izolda Jabnidze, Zurab Shashikadze) 142-152
18. Effects of gamma irradiation on shrimps to destroy antibiotics residues (Author's:Nguyen Thi Ai Thu, Nguyen Mong Giao) 153-155
19. High ionic conduction in nanocrystalline ytterbium stabilized zirconia grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (Author's:Adriana Benítez-Rico, Mario F. García Sánchez, Betsabée M. Monroy-Pelaez, Jaime Santoyo-Salazar, M. López-López, Guillermo Santana-Rodríguez) 156-165
20. The first step in studying the ability of destruction the antibiotics by gamma radiation (Author's:Nguyen Thi Ai Thu, Nguyen Mong Giao) 166-171
21. Dense Gas Dispersion Studies usingComputational Fluid Dynamics (Author's:Naveen S, Sivasubramanian V) 172-177
22. Extraction and purification of laccase enzyme from agaricus bisporous for development of low cost nanopolyaniline based biosensor (Author's:B.S.Kushwah, Seema Bhadauria, Shipra Shukla, Apurv Singh Sikarwar) 178-183
23. Parallel AES Encryption with Modified Mix-columns For Many Core Processor Arrays (Author's:M.S.Arun, V.Saminathan) 184-190
24. Real Time Monitoring of Power Line Using Smart Sensors (Author's:Sukanya N, Priyanga K R) 191-196
25. Steady state analysis of IEEE-6 Bus System Using PSAT power toolbox (Author's:Bhakti Nitve, Rajani Naik) 197-203
26. Harmonic Wavelet Analysis (Author's:Vijayalaxmi Lingaraddi, Neetha B Abdulpur) 204-211
27. Stress Analysis of Glass/HDPE Composite Rocker Arm by Finite Element Method (Author's:Antaryami Mishra) 212-218
28. Analysis of Control Techniques of a New Cascaded Fifteen-level Inverter (Author's:C. Danya Bersis, R. Arulraj, V. Kalaimani, A.P. Parthiban) 219-226
29. Comparative Performance studies of Arrow shaped and Trisul shaped slotted square patch antenna (Author's:REETIKA, K.K.VERMA, RAJESH KR.VISHWAKARMA) 227-234
30. Transient Stability Analysis of Three-Phase and Six-Phase Transmission Lines for SLG Fault (Author's:T.Charan Singh, K. Raghu Ram, B.V. Sankar Ram) 235-244
31. Study of DoS Attacks on IEEE 802.11 WLAN and its Prevention/Detection Techniques (Author's:Nisha Sharma, Paras Nath Barwal) 245-252
32. Development of CNT doped nano-HAp thick film gas sensor (Author's:R. S. Khairnar, S. R. Anjum, M. P. Mahabole) 253-261
33. IR Remote control signal decoder for home automation (Author's:Samiran Maiti, Pabitra Kumar Nandi) 262-268
34. Design and Implementation of a Single StageAc-Dc Energy Harvesting Converter for Microgenerator (Author's:L.Bala kumar, Pheba Cherian, S.Joyal Isac) 269-277
35. Fuzzy Logic: An Effective User Interface Tool for Decision Support System (Author's:Nisha Macwan, Dr. Priti Srinivas Sajja) 278-283
36. DC and Dielectric Relaxation Studies in CuO doped Borate glasses (Author's:N.Nagaraja, T.Sankarappa, T.Sujatha) 284-289
37. An Idea for Improvising the Efficiency of SDN Based Business Design with SOA (Author's:M. Priyanka, K. John Singh) 290-294
38. Evidence Collecting Black Box for the Vehicles (Author's:K R Nithin, Tracy Austina) 295-298
39. Extraction and FTIR Analysis of Chitosan from American cockroach, Periplaneta americana (Author's:Dinesh Wanule, J.V. Balkhande, P.U. Ratnakar, A.N. Kulkarni and C.S. Bhowate) 299-304
40. Stomatal Density in Six Genotypes of Cassava  (Author's:Oliveira E.C., Miglioranza E.) 305-308
41. Advancing in Nano-Bio-Devices Performance (Author's:Paolo Di Sia) 309-313
42. Thermo-electrical properties of semiconductorsby the new Electro Pyro Electric technique (Author's:I. Mellouki) 314-319
43. A Secret Sharing Scheme Based on the Cyclic Groups (Author's:Selda Çalkavur) 320-323
44. Waste water treatment by nanoceramics: Removal of Lead particles (Author's:Vijaykiran N. Narwade, Megha P. Mahabole, Kashinath A. Bogle and Rajendra S. Khairnar) 324-329
45. Experimental Investigations of HSS M2 Alloy on Wire Electric discharge machining Process Using Taguchi Methodology (Author's:K.Hari Narayana,Dr.B.Balu Naik , Srinivasa R Nandam, A.Anand Rao) 330-338
46. Modeling and Analysis of Three Level DC-DC Boost Converter for High Gain Applications (Author's:Puneeth.K.M, V.Nattarasu) 339-351
47. Literature Survey on Knowledge Based Information Retrieval on Web (Author's:Samiksha Chakule, Ashwini Borse, Shalaka Jadhav, Dr. Mrs. Y.V. Haribhakta) 352-360
48. Literature Survey on Disambiguating Polysemous Queries for Document Retrieval (Author's:Varsha V. Joshi, Madhusudan R. Dad, Yugal S. Bagul, Dr. Y. V. Haribhakta) 361-369
49. A Study on Optimal Algorithms to Find Joint Tracking in GMA Welding (Author's:Jong-Pyo Lee,Qian-Qian Wu, Min-Ho Park, Cheol-Kyun Park and Ill-Soo Kim) 370-380
50. Numerical Solution of the Momentum and Energy Equations of an Inclined Pad Thrust Bearing (Author's:P. R. Kiogora, M. N. Kinyanjui, D. M. Theuri) 381-388
51. Modelling Equipment Vendors’ Death-Knell And Ranking in Industries (Author's:Basil O. Akinnuli) 389-399
52. A Cost Effective Multicast Video Streaming by Real Time Protocol using Sitara AM335x (Author's:P.Saravanan) 400-405
53. Speech Recognition using Artificial Neural Network (Author's:Nidhi Srivastava) 406-412
54. Impulse Response Approximation of Channel Using Extended Kalman Filter (Author's:Aman Dingra, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohila) 413-419
55. Nonlinear Adaptive Equalization Based on Least Mean Square (LMS) in Digital Communication (Author's:Manoj, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 420-425
56. Probability-based solution to N-Queen problem (Author's:Madhusudan, Rachana Rangra) 426-436
57. Performance of Low-Cost Adsorbents for the Removal of fluoride ions – An overview (Author's:Suman Mann, Dr.Anubha Mandal) 437-443
58. Application of Natural Product (Aloe Vera) in Coagulation-Flocculation Procedures, for Water Treatability Study (Author's:María Irene Kopytko , Eliana Paola Rueda Villamizar , Yuliana Rincón Picón) 444-456
59. Frequency analysis of Digital Integrator based on the Optimization Techniques (Author's:Vijay Sharma, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 457-463
60. The effect of microstructure on abrasive wear of hardfacing alloys (Author's:K. M. Kenchireddy, C. T. Jayadeva and Sreenivasan.A) 464-475
61. Modeling of a Micro-scale PEM Fuel Cell in theSlip Flow Regime (Author's:Sean Goudy,Iskender Sahin,S. O. Bade Shrestha) 476-490
62. Some Aspects of Reproductive Biology of the Indegenous Ornamental Fish, Horadandia brittani Rema Devi & Menon, 1992 (Pisces: Cyprinidae) From the Western Ghats of India (Author's:Seena Augustine. P.A., T.V. Anna Mercy) 491-500
63. Fuzzy Based Direct Power Control of SeriesConverter of UPFC (Author's:Vaddi.Ramesh, N.Devasena, A.Gayathri, T.Sowbhaghya) 501-511
64. Delayed Oxidation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Encapsulated in Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) Oil Bodies (Author's:Jeffrey J. Fischer, Cory L. Nykiforuk, Xue Chen1, Yin Shen1, Steve Zaplachinksi, Elizabeth W. Murray, Phil Kuhlman, Rongji Chen, Indra Harry, Joseph G. Boothe) 512-522
65. Possibilities of anaerobic fermentation of food waste on municipal wastewater treatment plants (Author's:Igor Bodík, MiroslavaKubaská, MilotaFáberová) 523-532
66. The Current Status of School Gardens in City of Isparta, Turkey (Author's:Candan KUS SAHIN) 533-542
67. Designing an Efficient Permanent Magnet Generator for Outdoor Utilities (Author's:İlhan Tarımer) 543-548
68. Investigation of Fuel Properties of Mixture of Jatropha and Pongamia Pinnatta Methyl Ester and Their Blends with Diesel to assess their Usefulness as Compression Ignition Engine Fuel (Author's:Swapna G.K, Dr. M. C. Math) 549-555
69. Lean Based Problem Solving using 3D Laser Scanned Visualizations of Production Systems (Author's:Erik Lindskog, Jonatan Berglund, Johan Vallhagen, and Björn Johansson) 556-565
70. Digital Signatures –Single and MultipleOn Single and Multiple Documents (Author's:Reema Gupta, Dr. Sukhvir Singh, Pardeep Maan) 566-570
71. Solar Energy Conversion using Micro Thermoelectric Generator (Author's:Pheba Cherian, L. Balakumar, S. Joyal Isac) 571-576
72. Decision Table based Model & implementation for Automatic prevention of Unauthorized Database Transactions by Trusted Database Users (Author's:Rohit Jain) 577-590
73. A Scalar Interpolator for the Improvement of an ADC Output Linearity (Author's:Nikos Petrellis) 591-600
74. Outsourcing IT Services: A Primer for a Small Business Manager (Author's:Gokhan Gercek, Naveed Saleem) 601-607
75. Thermal parameters investigation of Graphite using Electropyroelectric and Photopyroelectric techniques (Author's:A. Mami, I. Mellouki, N. Yacoubi) 608-617
76. Calibration of calculation models of wooden guardrails with Operational Modal Analysis (Author's:Alfonso Cobo, María de las Nieves González, Ángel Castaño, María Isabel Prieto) 618-630
77. Analysis on Hand Gesture Spotting Using Sign Language through Computer Interfacing (Author's:Neha S. Chourasia, Kanchan Dhote, Supratim Saha) 631-637
78. Study the Effect of Noise on Phase Locks Loop (PLL) in Signal Processing (Author's:Aditi Sharma, Poonam Rana, Suraj Rana) 638-642
79. Analysis of Multi-Carrier Transmission Based on Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques (Author's:Deepika, Rajiv Dahiya) 643-650
80. Detection of Malarial Parasites in Blood Images (Author's:Deepa.A.Kurer, Vineeta.P.Gejji) 651-656
81. Novel Error correction Schemes for Enhanced Wireless High Definition Video Streaming (Author's:C.P. Latha, Dr. M. B. Manjunatha, A. Mohsin Khan) 657-662
82. Determination and removal of acid gases from natural gas produced from gas condensate plant (Author's:Ashraf Yehia El-Naggar) 663-668
83. Peristaltic Transport of a Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in a Non-Uniform Channel with Wall Effects (Author's:G.C.Sankad, P.S.Nagathan, Asha Patil, M.Y.Dhange) 669-678
84. Existence and Blowup Behavior of Global Strong Solutions Navier-Stokes (Author's:A.A. Durmagambetov, L.S. Fazilova) 679-687
85. Multiresolution Image Decomposition Technique for MR Image Denoising and Enhancement (Author's:Shweta Sanikoppa, Dhanashree Kutre) 688-694
86. Influence of Different Dispersants in Electrochemical Reduction of Iron Oxides from Kaolin Clay (Author's:Juan Carlos Flores Segura, Víctor Esteban Reyes Cruz) 695-700
87. Causal Model for Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Jet Engine Failure in Manufacturing Situational Operation (CAPEMO) (Author's:Jose C. Pereira, Gilson B. A. Lima, Annibal P. Santanna, Luiz Peres, Nélio Pizzolato) 701-717
88. Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna (RDRA) for Wireless Applications (Author's:Manohar Buktare , Ajinkya Dakare , Ganesh Waghmare , Dr. A.B. Nandgaonkar ) 718-723