International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

ISSN: 2319-5967

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Volume 3,Issue 2,March 2014

Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 2 , March 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Cloud Controlled Intrusion Detection and Burglary Prevention Stratagems in Home Automation Systems (Author's:Sindhulakshmi.K, Soundarya.J , Sowmya.U)
2.   Reducts and Discretization Concepts, tools for Predicting Student’s Performance (Author's:Jyoti namdeo,Naveenkumar Jayakumar) 7-15
3.   Determination of Suitability of Screw Compressor Waste as an Alternative to Soluble Oil in Machining Operations (Author's:Friday Aje Ovat, Anyandi Josephat Adie, Fakorede David Olusola) 16-19
4.   Performance Analysis of OFDM Based Systemfor PAPR Reduction Techniques with Optical Fiber Link (Author's:B U Rindhe, Jyothi Digge, S K Narayankhedkar) 20-32
5.   Pure Bending Analysis of SCSS and CSSS Platforms using New Approach (Author's:Ibearugbulem, Owus, M, Ezeh, J. C, Ozuluonye, chioma G.) 33-37
6.   Transmission Congestion Management Considering Voltage Security Using Bender Decomposition (Author's:Brindha.P, Dr.Elango K) 38-47
7.   Shape Determination of Steel Truss Structures Subjected to Thermal Loading (Author's:Kok Keong CHOONHG, Jae-Yeol KIM) 48-57
8.   A Survey of Record Deduplication(Author's:Shital Shankar Gujar, Avinash Shrivas) 58-61
9.   Optimal Estimation of Penalty Value for on Line Multiple Choice Questions Using Simulation of Neural Networks and Virtual Students' Testing (Author's:Hassan M. H. Mustafa, Mohammed H. Kortam, Ibrahim H. Assaf, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Nada M. Al-Shenawy) 62-72
10.   Applying Genetic Algorithm to Schedule the Cosmetic Tourism (Author's:Yen-Chieh Huang, Chih-Ping Chu) 73-80
11.   Medical Image Encryption using Two Dimensional Scan Approach (Author's:Rinkee Gupta, Jaipal Bisht, Amit Gupta) 81-85
12.   Ultraviolet-visible and photoluminescence spectroscopy of newly synthesized CdSe nanostructures (Author's:Pritam Saha,  Tapas Pal Majumder, Subhas Chandra Debnath) 86-91
13.   An Efficient Heuristic to Task Scheduling and Memory Partitioning for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (Author's:Maria Glenny.P, Suganyadevi.K) 92-99
14.   Single Phase Based on UPS Appliedto Voltage Source Inverter and Z- Source Inverter by Using Matlab/Simulink (Author's:V. Ramesh, P. Anjappa, P.Dhanamjaya) 100-108
15.   Decolourization of C. I. Reactive Black 5 by PVP stabilized Nickel nanoparticles (Author's:Dr. R. D. Kale, Prerana Kane, Namrata Phulaware) 109-117
16.   Sorting Algorithm: An Empirical Analysis (Author's:Mahfooz Alam, Ayush Chugh) 118-126
17.   Integrated Quick Messaging System for Mobile Phones (Author's:Priya Dingria, Babita Doda, Rohini Temkar) 127-131
18.   Co-Composting of EFB and POME with the Role of Nitrogen-Fixers Bacteria as Additives in Composting Process-A Review (Author's:Rosnani Alkarimiah, Rakmi Abd Rahman) 132-145
19.   Intelligent and Robust Authentication Management Framework to Resist Password Attacks (Author's:B.Sunil Kumar, P.Jayasankar, T.P Sarachandrika, D. Kiran Kumar) 146-150
20.   A Distributed System for Detecting Phishing in Twitter Stream (Author's:Manju .C.Nair ,S.Prema) 151-158
21.   NGA based Load Balancing in Computational Grid (Author's:Smitha.T.Chandran, A.N Karthikeyan) 159-165
22.   Operating Bio-Implantable Devices in Ultra-Low Power Error Correction Circuits: using optimized ACS Viterbi decoder (Author's:Roshini R, Udhaya Kumar C, Muthumani D) 166-174
23.   Comparative Analogy of Overcrowded Effects in Classrooms versus Solving 'Cocktail Party Problem' (Neural Networks Approach) (Author's:Hassan M. H. Mustafa, S.Mahmoud, Ibrahim H. Assaf , Ayoub Al-Hamadi  , Zedan M. Abdulhamid) 175-182
24.   Applications of web 2.0 technologies (Author's:Rashmi S. Tarade, R.A Khan, Nilu Singh) 183-188
25.   The role of E-learning in facing the challenges of the century (Author's:Dr. Mozamel M. Saeed, Dr. Al Samani A. Ahmed) 189-194
26.   Are Some Citations Better than Others? Measuring the Quality of Citations in Assessing Research Performance in Business and Management (Author's:Evangelia A.E.C. Lipitakis, John C. Mingers) 195-211
27.   Implementation of linear Antenna Array for Digital Beam Former (Author's:Diptesh B. Patel, Kunal M. Pattani) 212-
28.   Secure and Migration Controlled SCADA System Using Mobile Agent (Author's:Aswathy A.S., J.Stanly Jaya Prakash) 217-
29.   Application of CFD in STHE: A Review (Author's:Savitri Patel, D.S Patel) 224-230
30.   Securing Web Proxy Based Network from Http Attacks with Provision for Detecting Attacker Nodes (Author's:Dr. P. Balakumar, Yedu Krishnan.R) 231-238
31.   Effect on the amplitude of magnetic field component of transmitted electromagnetic wave during geomagnetic storm (Author's:Rajesh Kumar) 239-245
32.   A Comparative Study on Fluidization Characteristics of Coarse and Fine Particles in a Gas - Solid Fluidized Bed: CFD Analysis (Author's:Pranati Sahoo, Abanti Sahoo) 246-252
33.   Development of a Domestic Device to Measure and Analyze Physiological Signals for Emotion Recognition (Author's:Chun-Ju Hou, Min-Wei Huang, I-Chung Hung, Jia-Ying Zhou , Yen-Ting Chen) 253-262
34.   Computational Modeling of STHE (Author's:Savitri Patel, D.S.Patel) 263-273
35.   Digital City: Activity Innovation Management in Municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba - Brazil (Author's:Maximiliano Osorio de Vargas, Denis Alcides Rezende) 274-285
36.   Energy-Efficient MAC Protocols for Inter and Intra Cluster Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:Rajiv Dahiya, A. K. Arora, V. R. Singh) 286-293
37.   Optimization of cutting parameter for Surface Roughness, Material Removal rate and Machining Time of Aluminium LM-26 Alloy (Author's:H. R. Ghan, S.D.Ambekar) 294-298
38.   An Insight into Network Layer Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Networks (Author's:S.kanmani, k.karthick, s.preetha) 299-303
39.   Determination of Parameter from Observations Composed of Itself and Errors (Author's:Dhritikesh Chakrabarty) 304-311
40.   Secrecy Enhancement of an Asynchronous S-Box with Reduced SCA (Author's:M.Ramya, M.Keerthika, C.Gayathri) 312-320
41.   Consumers’ Activities for Brand Selection and an Expansion to the Second Order Lag Model (Author's:Kazuhiro Takeyasu, Chie Ishio, Yuki Higuchi) 321-333
42.   A Comparative analysis of various schemes for PAPR reduction of OFDM Signals (Author's:Jyoti Patel, Amit Kumar Sharma, Shailendra Singh Tomar) 334-343
43.   A Study on Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Behavior of Fe-Cr-C Based Hard facing Alloys Deposited by SMAW Processes (Author's:Dr. K. M. KenchiReddy, Dr. C. T. Jayadeva) 344-349
44.   "OPTMINEINVEST‟ - A Model for Optimum Mine Investment Decision (Author's:Dr. J.K. Mohnot, Dr. U.K. Singh) 350-357
45.   Photonic Crystal based Arrayed Waveguide Grating demultiplexer for Optical Network (Author's:Jyothi Digge, B.U.Rindhe, S.K.Narayankhedkar) 358-368
46.   Crystal Chemical and ThermodynamicApproaches to the Modeling of DefectSubsystem of Nonstoichiometric Lead Telluride (Author's:Rasit Ahiska, Volodymyra Boichuk, Dmytro Freik, Liliia Turovska) 369-377
47.   Webpage Flipper with Duplicate Elimination and Clone Mining (Author's:Ratti Geeta R, R.D.Kadu) 378-382
48.   Technoblog (Author's:Rohan Kher, Vaibhav Zalke, Rishav Mitra,Sudhanshu Kuriyal,Ketan Mesharam) 383-386
49.   VHDL based System for Sensing NPK and PH Values in Soil and Suggesting Fertilizers for Different Crops (Author's:Abhinav Kadu, Dr. S. V. Rode) 387-391
50.   Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Some Varieties of Wheat and their Correlation with Food Nutrients (Author's:Nidhi Bhargava, Ritu Jain, Ila Joshi, K.S. Sharma) 392-400
51.   Soil-Cement Bricks Incorporated with Granite Cutting Sludge (Author's:S. V. Ribeiro, J. N. F. Holanda) 401-408
52.   Methods of incorporation antimicrobial agents in stents (Author's:Rita Rebelo, Raul Fangueiro, Sandra Carvalho, Mariana Henriques, Sohel Rana) 409-422
53.   Acidification of River Discharge due toAbandoned Coal Mines and its Impact onSustainable Development of Hydro PowerSector in North Eastern Region of India (Author's:Kachhal Prabhakar, Sharma Pankaj, Pathak R. P., Sameer Vyas, Murari Ratnam) 423-430
54.   Review on natural fiber reinforcement polymer composites (Author's:U.S.Bongarde, V.D.Shinde) 431-436
55.   An Optimal Text Recognition and Translation System for Smart phones Using Genetic Programming and Cloud (Author's:Ashish Emmanuel S, Dr. S.Nithyanandam) 437-443
56.   Incremental Learning on Sentiment Analysis Using Weakly Supervised Learning Techniques (Author's:P.Bharathi,PCD. Kalaivaani) 444-450
57.   Application of Association Mining Technique in XML QA Support System (AMTXSS) (Author's:Ujwal A.Bodke, Santosh Kumar, Sandip Darade) 451-457
58.   Applying Cloud Computing Technology to Build Academic Computing Labs (Author's:Dr. Gokhan Gercek, Dr. NaveedSaleem) 458-463
59.   Consideration of Material Alternatives in Enhancement to get Unique Solution in Design of Screw Jack (Author's:Nitinchandra R. Patel, Dipen B. Rokad, Ankit V. Vekariya, Pratik J. Chauhan) 464-472
60.   Procurement of Activated Carbon from Jacaranda (Mimosifolia) (Author's:Domínguez S.J.M., Serrano L.S.S.) 473-478
61.   Waste Water Treatment by Coagulation and Flocculation (Author's:N.B.Prakash, Vimala Sockan, P.Jayakaran) 479-484
62.   Emerging Security Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing (Author's:S C Rachana, Dr. H S Guruprasad) 485-490
63.   Secure Reversible Data Hiding in EncryptedImages by Allocating Memory before Encryption via Security keys (Author's:Priya Kumar Jambhulkar) 491-497
64.   Direct casting of Rapid Prototyping resins for luxury production: influence of burn-out and processing parameters on the final quality (Author's:Ilaria Forno) 498-507
65.   Design of an Efficient Optical Receiver Using Cascoded Transimpedance Amplifier (Author's:KARTHIKA T, ARULKARTHICK V J, MANJU SOWMYA)Paper are withdrawn) 508-513
66.   Improving Class Separability for Microarray datasets using Genetic Algorithm with KLD Measure (Author's:P.Aarthi,E.Gothai) 514-521
67.   Matrix Converter Based On Voltage Multiplierwith PFC (Author's:KAVITHA.R, J.JEYASUDHA) 522-531
68.   The role of micro- and nanofillers in abrasive wear of compositesbased on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) (Author's:S.V. Panin, L.А. Kornienko, M.A. Poltaranin, L.R. Ivanova, S.V. Shilko) 532-544
69.   Forecasting of Intermittent Demand Data in the Case of Medical Apparatus (Author's:Kazuhiro Takeyasu, Daisuke Takeyasu) 545-562
70.   Physical-chemical properties of PDMS samples used in tunable lenses (Author's:Angel S. Cruz Félix, A. Santiago-Alvarado, Fernando Iturbide-Jiménez, Brenda Licona-Morán) 563-571
71.   Reducer Load Balancing and Lazy Initialization in Map Reduce Environment (Author's:S.Mohanapriya, P.Natesan) 572-578
72.   Low Velocity Impact Properties of Foam Sandwich Composites: A Brief Review (Author's:Ramadan Mohmmed, Azzam Ahmed, Mohamed Ahmed Elgalib, Hashim Ali) 579-591
73.   Utilization of Genetic Algorithm to Improve Forecasting Accuracy with an Application to the Sanitary Materials Data (Author's:Kazuhiro Takeyasu, Hirotake Yamashita, Daisuke Takeyasu) 592-607