International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 3,Issue 1,January 2014

Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 1 , January 2014)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Perturbation analysis using a moving window for disordered voices (Author's:JiYeoun Lee, Seong Hee Choi)
2.   Prioritizing Faculty of Engineering Education Performance by Using AHP-TOPSIS and Balanced Scorecard Approach (Author's:Mohammed F. Alya, Hazem A. Attiab Ayman M. Mohammed) 11-23
3.   Mobile Services on Wi-Fi Proximity Base (Author's:Yousef Daradkeh, Tariq (Moh’d Taisir) Al Omari, Dmitry Namiot) 24-35
4.   Factors Affecting Breastfeeding Practices in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria (Author's:Hamudat Abiodun Ahmed, IbisumboOlayiwola) 36-42
5.   Static numerical simulation of oil mist particle size effects on a range of internal channel geometries of a cutting tool used in MQL strategy (Author's:Arnaud Duchosal, Roger Serra, René Leroy) 43-59
6.   The Behaviour of Buckled CSFS Isotropic Rectangular Plate Using Polynomial Series Shape Function on Ritz Method (Author's:Ezeh, J. C., Ibearugbulem, O. M., Nwadike, A.N., Echehum, U. T.) 60-64
7.   The Design of Postal Service System using Software Component Technology (Author's:Ahmad S. Almuhiayyi, Ibrahim Albidewi) 65-71
8.   General Characteristics of Software Development Companies in Sudan and its Impact on Production (Author's:Dr Mozamel M. Saeed) 72-77
9.   Hand Gesture Spotting and Recognition in Stereo Color Image Sequences Based on Generative Models (Author's:Fayed F. M. Ghaleb,E. A. Youness, M. Elmezain, F. Sh. Dewdar) 78-88
10.   Modelling the delineation of airflow and new access solution in a standard surgery room (Author's:Aleš Rubina, Zdeněk Havlíček, Jiří Hirš) 89-95
11.   Design and Construction of a Small-scale Rotorcraft UAV System (Author's:A. Imam and R. Bicker) 96-109
12.   A Comparison between Individual Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Pooled Confirmatory Factor Analysis: An Analysis of Library Service Quality, a Case Study at a Public University in Terengganu (Author's:Eugenie Eugene Chong, Ahmad Nazim, Sabri B. Ahmad) 110-116
13.   The Near Stopping of a Projectile with LinearDrag (Author's:Louis M. Houston,George M. Lueckenhoff) 117-122
14.   Application of Robust Sliding Mode Controlto Uncertain Power System Stability (Author's:K. Kareemulla Khan, K. Naresh, B. Mohan) 123-128
15.   Preventing the Privacy Breach Using Perturbation (Author's:Karthik.J, Deepika.R) 129-133
16.   Study of Wireless Sensor Network and Its Current Trend in Application (Author's:DEEPIKA.R, GOMATHI.B, KARTHIK.J) 134-137
17.   Wireless Sensor Network Based SurveillanceSystem to Track Enemy Intrusion at Borders (Author's:K.Shanmugavalli, K.Fathima) 138-144
18.   Design and Analysis of State Feedback Controller Using Pole Placement Technique (Author's:S.JANANI, C.YASOTHA) 145-151
19.   Advanced Biometric Authentication System in Two Wheeler (Author's:Iswarya G, M. Baranidharan, Bagavathi Shivakumar. C, R. Rajaprabha) 152-158
20.   Neural Network based FACTS Controller for Enhancement of Power System Dynamic Stability (Author's:Mithilesh Das, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Rajib Kumar Mandal) 159-170
21.   Design, Fabrication and Testing Of FRP Shell Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger (Author's:SAIRAM VANGAPALLY, SIDDARATH.B,SAI PRASAD CHINATALA,TARUN.S,SUJIT GORREPOTU) 171-176
22.   Interference Cancellation and Scheduling in Wireless Networks (Author's:M.Vinodhini,S. Aiswarya) 177-184
23.   Critical evaluation of vital role of human beings and computer systems in decision making process (Author's:R. Gurunath,Dr. K.R. Anil Kumar,Dr. S.K. Srivatsa) 185-192
24.   Remote Patient Monitoring System for Rural Population Using Ultra Low Power Embedded System (Author's:S.Navaneethakrishnan, T.Nivethitha, T.Boobalan) 193-199
25.   Reducing Energy Consumption and Increasing Profit with Task Consolidation in Clouds (Author's:A.Bharathi, R.S.Mohana, A.Ushapriya) 200-207
26.   Qos of Network Using Advanced Hybrid Routing in WMN (Author's:V.Shanthi,S.Thillaikkarasi) 208-214
27.   Various Approaches for Watermarking of Relational Databases (Author's:Mohit Bhesaniya, J.N.Rathod, Kunal Thanki) 215-220
28.   State of the Art in Rotorcraft UAVs Research (Author's:A. Imam, R. Bicker) 221-233
29.   Analysis and Design of Single Inductor Multiple Output Resonant Buck Led Driver (Author's:M.Vinya,S.Suja) 234-240
30.   Assessment of Need for Private Sector Participation in Urban Water Supply in India (Author's:Dr. D. Vijay Kishore,Jyotirmoy Sarma) 241-246
31.   Enhancing the resolution and perceptual quality of web video and images by super-resolution (Author's: Manoj Band, Sujata Kolhe) 247-256
32.   Cognitive Sensor Fusion Based Environmental Awareness System for Visually Impaired People (Author's:Dhivya.G, Jenish ponraj peter.J) 257-263
33.   Cloud Care: A Remote Health Monitoring System (Author's:R.Deepa, K.Boopathy) 264-271
34.   Performances for the Improvement of Mortars Bi-substituted by Grinding Fly Ash Class F (Author's:K.BAZZAR, M.R.BOUATIAOUI, A.HAFIDI ALAOUI) 272-278
35.   Influence of Resin and thickness of Laminate on Flexural Properties of Laminated Composites (Author's:B.V.BABUKIRAN, Dr. G Harish) 279-287
36.   Standards ISO 21500 and PMBoK® Guide for Project Management (Author's:Petr REHACEK) 288-295
37.   Comparative Study on Braille Image Enhancement Using Spatial Domain Enhancement Techniques (Author's:SOWMYA.M S, SHREEKANTH.T) 296-306
38.   Simplified HID Lamp Supply Using Fly-back Converter with High PF and Efficiency (Author's:G.Mohanambail,R.Yamini) 307-314
39.   The suitability of crushed over burnt bricks as coarse aggregates for concrete (Author's:Apebo, N. S., Agunwamba, J. C., Ezeokonkwo, J. C.) 315-321
40.   Unsteady Free Convection Flow of a CoupleStress Fluid - A State Space Approach (Author's:G. Shantha ,M.Sunitha , B.Shanker) 322-336
41.   A Study on Forging Technology of Oxygen-Free Copper for Electrode Body Parts of Solar Light (Author's:Dong-hwan Park, Yun-hak Tak, Geun-ho Kang) 337-343
42.   Network Charging Principle for Pricing Existing Network SVCs Considering MW and MVAr Perturbations (Author's:E. Matlotse, E.T. Rakgati) 344-353
43.   Modeling Of PV and Wind Energy Systems with Multilevel Inverter Using MPPT Technique (Author's:M.Kowsalya,K.Suganyadevi,N.Loganayaki) 354-359
44.   Key Revocation for Secure Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (Author's:D.Sujeetha,R.Saranya) 360-367
45.   Effect of sintering time on crystallization, densification and in-vitro characteristics of bioactive glass ceramics (Author's:M. U. Hashmi, Saqlain A. Shah, Ashraf S. Elkady) 368-377
46.   A Self Calibrated Based Clock Generator for DLL (Author's:M.Manohari,P.Maria Glenny) 378-383
47.   Investigation on Hot Stamping Process for Door Beam of Ultra-High Strength Steel (Author's:Hong Xu, Mourui Zhang, Zhengwei Gu, Xin Li) 384-392
48.   GLITCH Free NAND-based DCDL using dual Triggered Flip-Flop (Author's:S.Kokilamani , G.Visnupriya , K.R.Nimisha) 393-399
49.   A Real Time Embedded Technology for Impairments (Author's:S.R.AARTHI AVANTHIGA, DR.V.BALAJI) 400-408
50.   Environmental and energy performances optimization of a neighborhood in Tehran, via IMM® methodology (Author's:M. Tadi, S. Vahabzadeh Manesh, M. Hadi Mohammad Zadeh, A. Naraghi) 409-428
51.   Dynamic Based Reconfigurable Content Addressable Memory for Fast String Matching (Author's:N.Manonmani, K.Suman, C.Udhayakumar) 429-435
52.   A Novel Approach to Reduce Clock Power by Using Multi Bit Flip Flops (Author's:D. Gayathri , S.Giridharan , L.Jubair Ahmed) 436-445
53.   A Conservative Scheme Model of an InclinedPad Thrust Bearing (Author's:P. R. Kiogora, M. N. Kinyanjui, D. M. Theuri) 446-453
54.   Soft Error Reduction of Logical Circuits by Using RAR Methodology (Author's:K.Karthikai Selvi, R.Priya) 454-462
55.   Low Power Colpitts QVCO Using Coupling (Author's:F.Vergin Jeyaseeli , S.Udhaya Kumar) 463-469
56.   A Novel Design Approach to Achieve Fault Coverage in Sequential Circuits (Author's:Ushus George, S.Dhanasekaran) 470-477
57.   A Novel Approach for Encryption of Text Messages Using PLAY-FAIR Cipher 6 by 6 Matrix with Four Iteration Steps (Author's:Nisarga Chand, Subhajit Bhattacharyya) 478-484
58.   Prevention of failure within the working range and enabling a design of automatic flexible cushion coupling (Author's:Nitinchandra R. Patel, Hardik H. Oza, Mahavirsinh V. Gohel, Abhishek B. Parmar, Jitesh V. Kadivar) 485-493
59.   Design of Low-Voltage, Power Proposed Dynamic Clocked Comparator (Author's:Vinotha V, Menakadevi B) 494-499
60.   Study of APLC Using Discrete Wavelet Transform & Fuzzy Controller (Author's:Ravindra M. Malkar, Vaibhav B. Magdum) 500-508
61.   Constructed Wetland with Vertical Flow: A Sustainable Approach to Treat Dairy Effluent by Phytoremedeation (Author's:Patel Pratik A., Dharaiya Nishith A.) 509-512
62.   A Comparative Study of Gain Enhancement Techniques for Microstrip Patch Antenna (Author's:Mithila R. Ghuge, A.P.Khedkar, Prathamesh U. Indulkar) 513-518
63.   Identifying behaviours associated with oestrous behavior in female fallow deer Dama dama L (Author's:Dr. Mohammed Alsaleh Bakory) 519-527
64.   Performance analysis of digital modulation, bit dilation and signal level through AWGN channel (Author's:Rajesh Kumar, Ganga Prasad, Neha Tiwari, Sneha Tripathi, Ram Chandra Yadav) 528-532
65.   Behavioral Strategy for Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments (Author's:Ahmad Alsaab, Robert Bicker) 533-542
66.   Enhancing DES Using Local Languages (Author's:C.P.Ronald Reagan, S.Selvi, Dr.S.Prasanna Devi, Dr.V.Natarajan) 543-547
67.   Influence of induced magnetic field on peristaltic transport of a Carreau fluid (Author's:V. Vasu, Y. Rajesh yadav) 548-