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Volume 2,Issue 6 ,November 2013

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 6 ,November 2013)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
2.   The advantage of digital TV Standards and implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Author's:Toibayeva Zhadyra Nurbaevna)   25-28
3.   A Study on the Role of Affect, Technological, People and Organizational Factors in Organizational Knowledge Sharing (Author's:Siew Hoong, Angela Lee and Tong-Ming, Lim)  29-49
4.   Crowd sourcing (Authoritative) of Geographic Information on Public Assets and Amenities (Author's: H. Hemanth Kumar, Dr. M. Prithviraj, M. J Rathan Raj, Umesh Ghatage and Mohan Kumar. S) 50-56
5.   Sono-Chemical Demulsification of Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsions (Author's: Souleyman A. Issaka, Abdurahman H. Nour, Rosli Mohd Yunus) 57-65
6.   Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Composite Material for Wear Resistance Application (Author's: K.Deepika, C.Bhaskar Reddy, D.Ramana Reddy) 66-71
7.   Intelligent Monitoring System –A network based IDS (Author's: SONALI M. TIDKE) 72-76
8.   Fuzzy based Speed Control of Three phase Induction Motor (Author's: S.senthilkumar, S.Vijayan) 77-84
9.   An Efficient Enhanced Majority Logic Fault Detection with Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes for Memory Applications (Author's: Senbagapriya.S) 85-91
10.   Unsteady and Steady State Natural Convection (Author's: Syukri Himran, Nanang Roni) 92-103
11.   Analysis of Distributed Algorithms with Adjustable Sensing Ranges and Placement Strategies for Improving the Lifetime of Heterogeneous WSNs (Author's: Basavaraj G N, Rajkumar, Saravana K M, Dr. Chandrakanth H G) 104-108
12.   Creating an Intelligent Environment in Mobile Technology (Author's: Priyanka V. Kampasi, Y. C. Kulkarni) 109-114
13.   Flexural Analysis of Axially Restrained Ferro cement Slab Strip (Author's: Azad A. Mohammed, Yaman S. Shareef) 115-128
14.   Mechanical Behaviour at Nanolevel: GeneralAspects and Modelling (Author's: Paolo Di Sia) 129-135
15.   Antifungal Activity of Aqueous Plant Extracts against Some Book Deteriorated Fungi (Author's: Swapna Kalbende, Lalchand Dalal) 136-139
16.   Mobility Prediction for Beacon Update in GPSR Protocol in MANETs (Author's: ARCHANA.S.S , ARULPRAKASH.P, BARATH KUMAR.S.S, DHANASEKARAN.G) 140-144
17.   Economic Load Dispatch of Thermal Power Plants Using Differential Evolution Neglecting Transmission Losses (Author's:Dr N Visali,M Surendranatha Reddy,M Satish kumar reddy) 145-151
18.   Simulation and Implementation of Incremental Conductance MPPT with Direct Control Method Using Boost Converter (Author's: Vaddi Ramesh, P Anjappa, P.Dhanamjaya) 152-160
19.   Image to Speech Conversion System for Telugu Language (Author's:M. Nagamani, S.Manoj Kumar, S.Uday Bhaskar)  161-166
20.   Influence of Liquid Fuel Injection Velocities on Combustion in a taper can gas turbine combustion chamber (Author's:D. R. Srinivasan, Dr. V. Pandurangadu, Dr. A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta) 167-172
21.   Distinguish ability Based Weighted Feature Selection Algorithms for Classification of Gene Microarray Dataset (Author's:J.Jeyachidra, M.Punithavalli) 173-181
22.   Biodiesel production from Waste Vegetable Oil over SnO2/ZrO2 Catalysts (Author's:S. Dlambewu, E. Vunain, R. Meijboom, K. Jalama)  182-188
23.   Biodiesel Production from Waste Vegetable Oil over MgO/TiO2 catalyst (Author's:Thembi Sithole, Reinout Meijboom, Kalala Jalama)  189-194
24.   Simulation of Queuing Models (Author's:Arnika Tripathi)  195-199
25.   Cube Difference Labeling Of some Graphs (Author's: J.Shiama) 200-205
26.   An Experimental Investigation on Pitcher Irrigation Technique on Alkaline Soil with Saline Irrigation Water (Author's:Neelkanth Bhatt, Baldev Kanzariya, Ashok Motiani,Bipin Pandit) 206-212
27.   TPH-PAH Contamination and Benthic Health in the Surface Sediments of Bandar-E-Imam Khomeini - Northwest Of the Persian Gulf (Author's:REZA KHANI JAZANI; GHAZALEH MONAZAMI TEHRANI1; ROSLI HASHIM) 213-225
28.   Survey on Clustering Algorithms (Author's:B.Vinodhini) 226-232
29.   Demonstration of Field Pattern Conversion &Multi-Resonant Bands in Helical Antenna (Author's:Rahul Yadav) 233-239
30.   The Semi-Markovian Model for EconomicAnalysis of Standby System (Author's:Revaz Kakubava, Nino Svanidze) 240-246
31.   Detection and Prevention of Passive Attacks in Network Security (Author's:Jatinder Teji, Rimmy Chuchra, Sonam mahajan, Manpreet Kaur Gill, Manju Dandi) 247-250
32.   Design of Model Predictive Controller (MPC) for Load Frequency Control (LFC) in an Interconnected Power System (Author's:K. Bindiya, K.Vimala Kumar) 251-259
33.   An Efficient and Polynomial based Key Distribution Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Ramu Kuchipudi, Dr.A.A.Moiz Qyser, Saith P) 260-266
34.   Verification Algorithm for Data Aggregation in WSN (Author's:DHANASEKARAN.G, ARULPRAKASH.P, ARCHANA.S.S , GEETHANAJALI.B) 267-270
35.   Design of a Beam-forming System in the Vehicle Cabin (Author's:Wen-Kung Tseng) 271-285
36.   FPGA Realization of Multi Channel Data Acquisition System using Softcore Embedded Processor (Author's:K.Babulu ,M.Meher Chaitanya) 286-293
37.   Testing of the Digital Circuits using Accumulator based BIST (Author's:G Hari Babu, Y Syamala) 294-299
38.   Damping of Sub synchronous Resonance Using SSSC Based PWM Hysteresis Controller (Author's:E.Kumaresan, S.Parthasarathy, B.Vidya) 300-308
39.   Study on Flow and Compressive Strength Properties of Mortars Using Fly Ash and Lime (Author's:Satish Chandra.C, Gyanen.Takhelmayum, Deepa.T) 309-315
40.   The Value of Rural Voids (Author's:Patrícia Diogo, Joana Diogo) 316-320
41.   Modeling of ECG Using ABP and CVP Signals: A System Identification Based Approach (Author's:Awadhesh Pachauri, Manabendra Bhuyan) 321-330
42.   Multi-Correlation Matrix (M-CM) for the Screening Complexity in the Statistical Downscaling Model (SDSM) (Author's:Nurul Nadrah Aqilah Tukimat, Sobri Harun) 331-343
43.   An Analytical Methodology for the Assessment of the Concentration Fiber of Asbestos in Subjects at Risk Exposure (Author's:G. Cannistraro, M.Cannistraro, D. Crinò, S. Pitruzzella) 344-351
44.   An Intelligent Electronic Teaching System with High Speed Protocol Interfaces with Hardware Interface (Author's:R.Sagunthala, S.Brindha) 352-358
45.   Energy Conservation in Sponge Iron Production Process through Proper Utilization of Waste Heat (Author's:S. Sahu, D.Tirumalaraju, S. Khanam, A. Sahoo) 359-366
46.   A Decision Tree-Based Evaluation of the Performance of Coalitions in Supply Chains (Author's:M. L. Chew Hernández, V. Velázquez Romero, L. Viveros Rosas, R. Díaz Téllez, S. I. Guerrero Sanabria) 367-378
47.   On-Sensor Node Fault Diagnosis Based Industrial Machine Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:M.Arul, A.Palanisamy) 379-384
48.   Comparative Studies on Fatigue Strength of Heat Treated With Expulsion Heat Treated Thermite Weld (Author's:Dr.Rajanna S) 385-390
49.   Forecasting Air Cargo Demand in India (Author's:Munmun Basak, Martin West, S.P.S Narang) 391-401
50.   Thermo-Physical Performance and Energy Aspects of Vertical Walls Opaque to the Retrofitting Of Buildings through a Simulation under Non-Stationary (Author's:G. Cannistraro, M.Cannistraro, D. Crinò, S. Pitruzzella) 402-409
51.   Looking at the Schrödinger Equation ForNanotechnology (Author's:Paolo Di Sia) 410-418
52.   Handoff and New Call Blocking Probability Reducing Technique Using Auxiliary Stations (Author's:Seema Pankaj Mahalungkar, Santosh S. Sambare) 419-423
53.   Use of Least Square Procedures and Ansys Polyflow Software to Select Best Viscosity Model for Polypropylene (Author's:Arman Mohammed Abdalla Ahmed , Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Sidahmed Ahmed) 424-431
54.   Functional Description of Online Medical Management System Using Modern Technology (Author's:Priyanka Patil, Sruthi Kunhiraman, Rohini Temkar) 432-437
55.   Adaptive Foreground with Cast Shadow Segmentation Using Gaussian Mixture Models and Invariant Color Features (Author's:Dr. –Ing. Mahmoud Elmezain) 438-445
56.   Modeling and Simulation 3D Heat Conduction for Sony Xperia Tipo Model Mobile Phone (Author's:Dr. B. Jayachandraiah) 446-450
57.   Design of an Event Based Surveillance System Using Advanced Technology (Author's:Sunil MP) 451-459
58.   Result Analysis of a new integrated approach for CBIR with interactive user feedback using multifeatures (Author's:Neetesh Gupta, Dr. Vijay Anant Athavale) 460-465
59.   Generalized Likelihood Ratio Tests for Change Detection in Diffusion Tensor Images (Application with Semi-Automatic Liver Tumor Segmentation) (Author's:Joyjit Patra, Arun Kanti Manna,Himadri Nath Moulick) (PAPER are Suspended ) 466-479
60.   Performance of Ultrasonic Membrane Anaerobic System (UMAS) in Membrane Fouling Control (Author's:N.H.Abdurahman; N.H.Azhari) 480-491
61.   Improved Structure of Solar Tracker and Aero Dynamic Wind for Solar Fridge with Fast Chilling Application Using ARM 7 (Author's:B.MAHESH , R.RAJA KISHORE) 492-495
62.   Simulation of Tin Bath of float glass process using ANN (Author's:D. Mohanty, A. Banerjee, S. Khanam) 496-506
63.   Ways tо Use Phonetic Sounds in Pronunciation comparing of Kazakh and English languages (Author's:Aigul Sultangubiyeva, Beibut Mamrayev) 507-511
64.   Proposing a Method to Remove Gray Hole Attack in AODV Protocol in MANET (Author's:Mehdi Medadian, Khossro Fardad, Ahmad Mebadi) 512-518
65.   Establishing Lean Management in a Manufacturing Organization as a System’s Approach for Effective Implementation & Results (Author's:P.VIDYUT CHANDRA, NITISH REDDY NALLA, NIKHIL KUMAR POLINENI, ABHISHEK BOYANAPALLI, NISHANTH RAO POTLAPALLI) 519-527
66.   Optimal Power Scheduling of a Micro grid Using Distributed Generators (Author's:Shanthi .G, Dr.Elango K) 528-534
67.   Effects of Heat Transfer and Peristalsis on the Flow of Power-Law Fluid in Contact with Newtonian Fluid in an Inclined Channel with Permeable Walls (Author's:D.Venkateswarlu, P.Devaki, S.Sreenadh) 535-543
68.   A New Randomized Cryptographic Key Generation Using Image (Author's:Priyanka.M, Lalitha Kumari.R, Lizyflorance.C and John Singh. K) 544-548
69.   Water Effect of Oscillatory Behaviour of LightCrude Oil (Author's:Mohamed Mekkaoui, Madjid Meriem- Benziane, N. H. Abdurahman, Mansour Belhadri Georgios C.Georgiou) 549-561
70.   Design Optimization of a Pressure Hull for Dynamic Loading (Author's:K. Ramya Deepika, N. Jeevan Kumar) 562-586
71.   An novel idea to improve the Drop foot using a stimulator cum tilt sensor (Author's:P.Mohan Kumar, N.Gurusamy) 587-590
72.   Transient Stability Analysis of 3-Phase and Integrated 3-Phase and 6-Phase Transmission System (Author's:T.Charan Singh, K. Raghu ram, B.V. Sankar ram) 591-600
73.   A Review of Literature on Application of ImageProcessing for Identification of AgriculturalPests on Various Crops (Author's:Gaurav Y. Kandalkar, A.V.Deorankar, Dr.P.N.Chatur) 601-606
74.   The Role of Supply Chain Management Practices (SCMP), Technology and Information Sharing Quality in the Firm’s Performance: Comparative Structural Models (Author's:Dr. NEDRA BAHRI-AMMARI) 607-617
75.   Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation for Detoxification of Castor Bean Meal and Processing of Novel Protein Feeds Supplement (Author's:Ruzalia Ulanova, Irina Kravchenko) 618-624
76.   On Special Boolean Like Rings (Author's:K. PUSHPALATHA) 625-630
77.   Typologies in Rural Context (Author's:Manuel Diogo, Maria Diogo) 631-638
78.   The Physics of a Rotating de Broglie Wave Packet (Author's:Louis M. Houston) 639-648
79.   Detection of changes in the electric parametersof charcoal by effect of γ ray irradiation andthe absorption of hydrogen (Author's:M. Culebras, A. Lopez, A. Madroñero, C. Mota, C. M. Gómez, A. Cantarero) 649-656
80.   Design of Risk Analysis for an Embedded System using Finite State machine Technique (Author's:Savitha H.K , Chandrakanth Reddy) 657-659