International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT)

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Volume 2,Issue 5,September 2013

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 5 ,September 2013)                                 ISSN: 2319-5967 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Hybrid Wind Diesel Energy System Using Matlab Simulation (Author's:T. Kranthi Kumar, Asha Tulasi, Smaranika Swain)
2.   Mobile Robots: Successes and Challenges in Artificial Intelligence (Author's:Jitendra Joshi , Keshav Dev Gupta, Nidhi Sharma,Kinnari Jangid) 10-14
3.   A Study on Strategy Adopted to Incorporate Quality aspects during Management of Projects for Overall Stakeholder Satisfaction and for Building Brand name with Profitability (Author's:P. Vidyut Chandra) 15-19
4.   Application of Finite Difference Time Domain Method to High Voltage Substations: Switching Transient Fields (Author's:B U Musa, W H Siew, M D Judd, T Wang, Q M Li) 20-29
5.   Transient Stability Study by Using Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator Controller for Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) System (Author's:Ravi Shankar, Jyoti Srivastava, ) 30-34
6.   Image and Video Quality Assessment with BLIINDS-II Algorithm using NSS Approach in DCT domain (Author's:M. Santhoshi, S. Aruna Kumari, S. Srikanth Reddy, A. Vijay Kumar) 35-44
7.   Efficient Power Management Technique for Deep-Submicron Circuits (Author's:P.Sreenivasulu, Ch.Aruna, Dr. K.Srinivasa Rao, Dr. A.Vinaya babu) 45-52
8.   Fuel Flow Analysis of Injector Nozzle (Author's:T.K.S.SAI KRISHNA, KASANAGOTTU SHOURI) 53-58
9.   About Philosophical Sense of the Category―Reliability‖ (Author's:Nikolay Ivanov Petrov) 59-63
10.   Optimization of EDM parameters using Response Surface Methodology for EN31 Tool Steel Machining (Author's:Singaram Lakshmanan, Mahesh Kumar) 64-71
11.    Plasma Spray: A Proposed Augmentation to Achieve Better Orthopedic Coating For Industrial Application (Author's:Soma Das, Abhijit Chanda, G. Banerjee)
72- 81
12.    Development of Water Quality Indices for Designated Best Uses of Surface Water Body (Author's:Siddhartha Sharma, Akepati S. Reddy )  82-93
13.    Mammographic Images Using Two-Dimensional MultiWavelet Transform With Multiresolution Analysis (Author's:M.RAMESH, Dr.B.Raveendra Babu)   94-100
14.    WUM for Browsing Behavior of a User and Subsequently to Predict Desired Pages: A Survey (Author's:Hemant N.Randhir, Ravindra Gupta)   101-104
15.    Sigma Delta Converter (Author's: Simranpreet kaur, Dr. Charanjit Singh) 105- 108
16.    Solar Charger for Rechargeable Batteries Used in Hearing Aid Devices (Author's:Aman Goel)  109- 113
17.    Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with Frequency Tuning for Ventilation System Monitoring (Author's:Joseph R. Davidson, Changki Mo)  114- 124
18.    Comparative Analysis Of Boiler Drumlevel Control Using Advanced Classical Approaches (Author's:Om PrakashVerma, GauravManik) 125- 136
19.   Solving Fuzzy Multi Objective Non-linear Programming Problem Using Fuzzy Programming Technique (Author's:P.Durga Prasad Dash, Rajani B. Dash)
20.   Effect of Disinfectants on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) in Lab and Poultry Farms (Author's:Hussein A.Kaoud)   144-149
21.   Study of Heat Input for GTA Welded Aluminium Alloy 7039 (Author's:Pawan Kumar, Anoop C A, Sanjay Kumar)
150- 156
22.   Use of Aqueous Ammonia in Silencer for removal of CO2, SO2 and NOx from exhaust gases of I.C. Engines (Author's: Rawale Sudarshan S., Patil Snehal S., Nandrekar Amruta A., Abhijeet S. Kabule)  157-160
23.   Data Partitioning and Association Rule Mining Using a Multi-Agent System (Author's:Dr. Kamal Ali Albashiri)
24.   Formulation and Evaluation of Water-Continuous Emulsion of Heavy Crude Oil Prepared for Pipeline Transportation (Author's:N.H.Abdurahman; N.H.Azhari; Y.M.Yunus )  170-179
25.   Effects of Air-Jet Stem Generator and UP400S Treatment on Vitamin C, Colour and pH of Grapefruit Juice (Author's:Iulia Graur, Olga Martin-Belloso)  180- 184
26.   Evolution of Conservative Tracer Plumes in Turbulent Flows: A Thermodynamic Description (Author's:Alfredo José Constain, Jorge Luis Corredor)
27.   A Comparison Of Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) and Covariance Based Structural Equation Modeling (CB-SEM) for Confirmatory Factor Analysis (Author's: Wan Mohamad Asyraf Bin Wan Afthanorhan) 198- 205
28.   Multi-Attribute Based Access Control Policy Enforcement for File Accesses in Cloud (Author's:Md.Akram Ali, Ch.Pravallika, P.V.S. Srinivas)  206- 214
29.   Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones Using Microwaves (Author's:Piyush Kumar)
215- 218
30.   Modular Manufacturing in Garment Industries (Author's:B.Sudarshan ,D. Nageswara Rao)
219- 230
31.   Analyze the Effect of Camber Angle on FatigueLife of Wheel Rim of Passenger Car by Using Radial Fatigue Testing (Author's:Sunil N. Yadav, N. S. Hanamapure)  231-239
32.   Multidirectional Product Support System for Decision Making in Textile Industry Using Collaborative Filtering Methods (Author's: A. SENTHIL KUMAR, Dr.V.MURALI BHASKARAN)  240-244
33.   Defluoridation Of Water by Moringa Oleifera- A Natural Adsorbent (Author's:A.S. Parlikar, S.S. Mokashi)   245-252
34.   An Initiative to Study the Properties of Underlying Soft Organic Soil (Author's:Withdrawn by Author)
253- 262
35.   Isolation and Identification of Green Microalgae for Carbon Sequestration & Waste Water Treatment by Using PCR Studies (Author's:Indhumathi Ponnuswamy, Soundararajan Madhavan, Dr.Syed Shabudeen,Shoba U.S)  263- 268
36.   Influence of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Parameters in Aluminium 5083 Alloy (Author's:Arun Narayanan, Cijo Mathew, Vinod Yeldo Baby, Joby Joseph)   269-277
37.   Analysis and Implementation of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Urmila A. Patil, Smita V. Modi, Suma B.J.)  278-284 
38.   Effect of Temperature on Strength of Concrete Strengthening With CFRP (Author's:H. Shehab El – Din, Heba A. Mohamed)   285-294
39.   A Case Study on Cost Effective Technique for Plinth Improvement of Rural Houses: Bangladesh Perspective (Author's: Withdrawn by Author)  295-303
40.   Biological Methods for Heavy Metal Removal- A Review (Author's:Sonali R. Dhokpande, Dr. Jayant P. Kaware)
41.   Model Development Using Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment (FQFD) to Assess Student Requirement in Engineering Institutions: An Indian Prospective (Author's:Rajeev K. Upadhyay, S.K. Gaur , V.P.Agrawal) 310-317
42.   Predicting Relief Materials' Demand for Emergency Logistics Planning using ARENA Input Analyzer (Author's:Yousef Lutfi Nahleh,Arun Kumar,Fugen Daver) 318-327
43.   Experimental Form-Finding for Möbius Strip and Ennerper Minimal Surfaces Using Soap Film Models (Author's:Hooi Min YEE, Kok Keong CHOONHG, Jae-Yeol KIM) 328-335
44.   Implementation of Bridging Between SPI & UART (Author's:Pooja Patel,Lalit Bandil) 336-340
45.   Tensile Properties of PMMA/SAN Blends at Different Temperatures (Author's:George Joseph, Justin Koshy, Prakash M Kallanickal) 341-344
46.   Device for Air Renewal in Split - Type Conditioner (Author's:Jair Silveira) 345-352
47.   Link Prediction in Social Network Using Markov Model (Author's:Yachana Bhawsar, G. S. Thakur) 353-355
48.   Overview, Characteristics and Advantages of IP Camera Video Surveillance Systems Compared to Systems with other Kinds of Camera (Author's:Gradimirka Popovic, Nebojsa Arsic, Branimir Jaksic, Boris Gara, Mile Petrovic) 356-362
49.   Experimental Study on Energy Consumption of Wound Rotor Induction Motor in Mine Applications (Author's:Ganapathi.D.Moger, Dr.Ch.S.N.Murthy, Dr.Udayakumar.R.Y) 363-369
50.   Role of Patch to Enhance the Connectivity with Internet (Author's:Kavisha duggal, Shilpa Addy, Amitesh Kumar Sharma) 370-372
51.   A Study of the Effect of Nozzle Spacing and Driving Pressure on the Water Jet Pump Performance (Author's:Tarek A. Meakhail , Ibrahim R.Teaima) 373-382
52.   Effect of Repair Welding On the Properties of Welded Joints of Steel S700MC (Author's:Jacek Górka) 383-390
53.   The Concept of Indirect Evaporative cooling (Author's:Dr.C.R.PATIL, K.G.HIRDE) 391-396
54.   Hydro Chemical Analysis for the Coastal Belt of Srikakulam Region (Author's:Dr.Yerramsetty Abbulu. Dr.G.Venkata Rao, P.Kalpana) 397-402
55.   Static and Fatigue Properties Optimization of 34crnimo6 Thin Sheets (Author's:Jan D�ugan, Zbyšek Nový, Martina Donátová, Pavel Podaný) 403-408
56.   The Investigation into the Mutual Permeability of Two Languages and Cultures and Their Mutual Permeability (Author's:Dabyltaeva Raikhan, Yerkinbekova Meyrim) 409-416
57.   Study the Heating Mechanisms of Temperature Controlled Microwave Closed System (TCMCS) (Author's:F. Kormin, N. H. Abdurahman, R. M. Yunus, M Rivai) 417-429
58.   Efficient Potential Cytotoxic and Anti Proliferation Activities Of Cardiotonic Steroids in Urginea Maritima Extract in Human Malignant Neuroblastoma With Less Cytotoxicity Susceptibility Toward Neuron-Like Cells (Author's:Maati. M.Elghuol, Mohamed. Saifulaman. Mohamed, Mazatulikhma. Mat. Zain) 430-436
59.   Hardware Implementation of EZW based Image Compression with Huffman coding (Author's:Aiswarya S, Dr. S. Veni) 437-445
60.   Numerical Investigation of Laminar Natural Convection in an Inclined Cavity with a Wavy Wall (Author's:Said Mekroussi, Nord-Eddine Sad Chemloul) 446-455
61.   Enhancement of Power Quality based on Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) (Author's:K.S.Srikanth, Shaik. Musthak Ahmed, Y.Srinivasa Rao) 456-461
62.   Study The Influence of TIG Welding Parameters On Weld Characteristics Of 5083 Aluminum Alloy (Author's:Lakshman Singh, Vinay Shah, Naveen K.Singh) 462-468
63.   Design Issues of Portable, Low-Power & High-Performance ECG Measuring System (Author's:Jyoti Bali, Anilkumar Nandi) 469-475
64.   Effect of Pozzolanic Material on Split Tensile Strength of Recycle Aggregate Concrete (Author's:A.N. Dabhade, Dr. S. R. Chaudari, Dr. A. R. Gajbhaye) 476-479
65.   Analysis of Production Line’s in an Manufacturing Unit with an Intention to Obtain Line Balancing through Reduction of Cycle Time and Lead Time (Author's:P.VIDYUT CHANDRA, MADISETTY SAI CHARAN, NADIR SUMIRAN, RAHUL JACOBI, SIDDHANT UMESH SAWANT) 480-488
66.   Parallel Ad-Dissemination with Congestion Information and Driver Behavior Monitoring In Intelligent Vehicular Networks (Author's:Aswiga.R.V, Praveena.R, Jayanthi.S, Maheswari.R) 489-494
67.   Numerical Study of Functions of Potential Energy in Dynamic of Particles and Systems (Author's:Carlos Figueroa Navarro,Raúl Riera Aroche) 495-505
68.   Convinced Resume Point Strategy Based On Job Characteristics and Resource Availability (Author's:Maheswari.R, Jayanthi.S, Praveena.R, Aswiga.R.V) 506-511
69.   Analysis of Channel Coding Technique Using Pseudorandom Generator Based Public Key Cryptography (Author's:Supriya Goel, Navpreet kaur, Danvir Mandal) 512-519
70.   Android Based Media Player (Author's:Akshay R. Mukadam,Darshal N. Manchekar,Gaurav G. Panchal, Prasad P. Kanade, Atul Yadav) 520-523
71.   Characterization of Cyclic Plastic Behavior ofSS 316 Stainless Steel (Author's:J.Shit, S.Dhar, S.Acharyya) 524-538
72.   Role of Dielectric Materials in Electrical Engineering (Author's:B D Bhagat) 539-542
73.   Distributed Generation by Speed Braker at Bridge (Author's:Namesh kumar) 543-546
74.   Ultrastructure of the salivary gland of second in star larvae of Cephalopina titillator (Diptera:Oesteridae) (Author's:Afaf Abdel-Meguid,Duaa Musleh Nancy Taha) 547- 557
75.   Analysis of Parameters Influence: Tire Pressure, Weight, Tire Tread, Tire Type and Distance Between Rollers, When Vehicles Brakes On Ministry Of Transport Roller Bed and On Flat Ground (Author's:C. Senabre, E. Velasco, S. Valero) 558-567
76.   Evaluation of the Water Quality of the Ohrid Lake (Albanian Part) Compared to the International Standards (Author's:Sotir Mali) 568-573
77.   A Pragmatic Analysis on Software Firewalls (Author's:Kirti Walia,Dr. S.N.Panda,Dr. S.N.Panda) 574-578